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Sydney Outreach 2012 - Rydges World Square Hotel
24 to 31 March, 2012

This Medical Practitioner Training program offers an opportunity for training in advanced nutrient therapy methods for mental and behavioural disorders and in cutting-edge autism therapies. Participating experts include Dr William Walsh, Dr Judith Bowman, Dr Mary Megson and Dr Albert Mensah.

The early bird has been extended to 7 January 2012 for ACNEM members.

BioAutism 2012 - Queensland Brain Institute
Friday 27 January

BioAutism 2012 will focus on the neural and biological basis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The aim of this meeting is to bring together researchers working on autism spectrum disorders from multiple disciplines, with the specific goal to consider how basic and clinical research can accelerate therapies and treatments.

Deadline for abstracts has been extended to Dec 16.

Brain Health and Natural Medicine - Swinburne University
6-7 February 2012

This event will launch the new Centre for Human Psychopharmacology (CHP) and will bring together distinguished experts to present recent research on effects of natural medicines and nutritional supplements on health, brain function and clinical mental health. Presented by the Faculty of Life and Social Sciences, Centre for Human Psychopharmacology, Swinburne University.

Nutrition in Medicine Conference - Melbourne 4-6 May, 2012 - Abstracts & Scholarships

Submissions are invited for oral or poster presentations which represent original and new, important or clinically relevant nutritional science, research, application or public health relating to one or more of the themes of the conference.

A number of scholarships are available to under-graduate and post-graduate students (not post-doctoral fellows) including medical students, GP/hospital registrars, nutritional science and research students, public health students and students of other healthcare disciples such as naturopathy, to attend the conference free of charge.

* Abstract submissions close 23 December 2011
* Abstract authors notified of acceptance 20 January 2012

ACNEM training for 2012 announced

ACNEM’s training calendar has now been finalised for the next 18 months. More details for each course in the next e-News. Click here to register for ACNEM training.

March 2012 Auckland

  • Primary Course in NEM (4 days, 22-25 Mar)
  • Tiny Tots to Teenagers - Childhood Conditions (2 days, 22-23 Mar)
  • Tired or Wired - Thyroid and Adrenal Conditions (2 days, 24-25 Mar)

July 2012 Perth/Fremantle

  • Primary Course in NEM (28-29 July, 2 days face-to-face + 2 days online)
  • The GUT - Gastrointestinal Disorders including Gut Dysbiosis and Permeability (28 July, 1 day face-to-face + 1 day online)
  • Allergy in General Practice - Allergy, Autoimmune and Dermatological Conditions (29 July, 1 day face-to-face + 1 day online)

September 2012 Sydney

  • Primary Course in NEM (4 days, 13-16 Sept)
  • No Health Without Mental Health - Mood and Anxiety Disorders, Age and Lifestyle-Related Cognitive Decline (2 days, 13-14 Sept)
  • Diabesity Society & CVD - Metabolic Conditions, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (2 days, 15-16 Sept)

November 2012 Melbourne

  • Primary Course in NEM (4 days, 22-25 Nov)
  • Oral Health Imperatives - Applications of NEM in the Gateway to the Respiratory and Digestive Tracts (1 day, 22 Nov)
  • Environmental Health - Exposure, Sensitivity, Toxicity and Detoxification (1 day, 23 Nov)
  • A to Z of NEM - Putting it into Practice, including Investigations and Pathology Testing (2 days, 24-25 Nov)
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification Workshop with optional Certification (26 Nov, 1 day face-to-face + 1 day online + assessment, 3 months online access).

March 2013 Adelaide

  • Primary Course in NEM (23-24 Mar, 2 days face-to-face + 2 days online)
  • Tiny Tots to Teenagers - Childhood Conditions (23 Mar, 1 day face-to-face, 1 day online)
  • Menopause & ‘Andropause’ - Mid-Life for Women & Men, Hormones & BHRT (24 Mar, 1 day face-to-face, 1 day online)



Upcoming Courses

March 2012, Auckland


Primary Course in NEM
4 days, 22-25 Mar

Tiny Tots to Teenagers - Childhood Conditions
2 days, 22-23 Mar

Tired or Wired - Thyroid & Adrenal
2 days, 24-25 Mar

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Onlne Courses

ACNEM offers online (distance) education courses which you can commence at anytime, including the Primary Course and other speciality courses. For a list of the current online courses please visit our website.

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Other Events
BioAutism 2012 at UQ

Call for registration and abstracts.

BioAutism 2012 is a symposium highlighting research into the biology of autism spectrum disorders. The 2012 meeting will be held at the Queensland Brain Institute on Friday 27th January. Registration is free, abstract submission is open, with some speaking opportunities available. The meeting is being held as a satellite of the Australian Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting.

Please find more information on the website


Nutrition in Medicince Conference 2012

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