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20 August 2009

In this issue of the ACNEM e-News:

  • Dr Robert Verkerk lecture now available for viewing online
    An excellent lecture questioning the existing EBM paradigm
  • Training in Chelation Therapy and Injectable Nutrients popular
  • ACNEM members in the news
  • AIMA Holistic Health Conference in Melbourne in October
  • Free lecture on Soil Science in Brisbane in September
  • Primary Course, Thyroid/Adrenal, Pain Mgmt - Brisbane in September
    Ten days left to get the 30 day early bird discount for these courses (register by 31 August)
  • ACNEM training in Auckland in November
    Register by 19 September for the 90 day early bird price
  • ACNEM Journal - new issue out now
  • ACNEM Training Calendar 2009-2010
  • Practice Opportunities
  • 'Good Health' on the air
  • Thanks to our Sponsors
  • Latest news and research
  • E-news archive

Dr Robert Verkerk lecture now available for viewing online

Moving Beyond the Existing
‘Evidenced-Based Medicine’ Paradigm

Recently ACNEM and AIMA jointly hosted a free lecture for healthcare professionals by visiting expert Dr Robert Verkerk from the Alliance for Natural Health in the UK. About 40 members turned out to hear an excellent lecture, and to share refreshments and like-minded company at the newly renovated premises of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne.

For those of you who couldn't make it, or requested the Powerpoint notes, the lecture is now available for viewing online here. Please note that you will need a good broadband connection and an up to date internet browser to be able to view it.

Click here to view the lecture or download powerpoint notes

By way of background to Robert's lecture, some of you will have seen the recent article in the press about a lecture given in Adelaide by popular UK scientist Dr Simon Singh. Mr Singh also spoke in Sydney recently. You may already be aware of his book, co-authored with Prof Edzard Ernst, entitled Trick or Treatment, which has prompted much controversy with statements such as the one below:

"While there is tentative evidence that acupuncture might be effective for some forms of pain relief and nausea, it fails to deliver any medical benefit in any other situations and its underlying concepts are meaningless. With respect to homeopathy, the evidence points towards a bogus industry that offers patients nothing more than a fantasy. Chiropractors, on the other hand, might compete with physiotherapists in terms of treating some back problems, but all their other claims are beyond belief and can carry a range of significant risks. Herbal medicine undoubtedly offers some interesting remedies, but they are significantly outnumbered by the unproven, disproven and downright dangerous herbal medicines on the market."

When we heard that Dr Robert Verkerk of the Alliance for Natural Health was visiting Australia, we took the opportunity to invite him to speak to our members (ACNEM is a supporting organisation of ANH). Robert addresses this controversy in his talk, and is introduced by Professor Avni Sali, President of AIMA.

Click here to view the lecture or download powerpoint notes

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Training in Chelation Therapy and Injectable Nutrients popular

In July, ACNEM held two very successful clinical training programs in Injectable Nutrients and Chelation Therapy in the Levity Health clinic in Bondi Junction. Many thanks to Richard Moore and his staff for their excellent hospitality.

Lecturers included Dr Karel Hromek, Dr Tane Taylor, Dr Greg Emerson, Dr Ian Dettman, Cliff Meakin and Dr Richard Moore, with a special guest lecture from Dr Bancha Daengneam from the Chelation Medical Association Thai (CMAT). Last year, ACNEM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CMAT to work together and share expertise in Chelation Therapy.

The courses were fully booked and judging from the enthuasiastic response to the new format, we expect to be holding these courses more regularly in the future.

Some pictures from the event follow:

Richard Moore, Michelle Bradford, Ann-Mary Hromek and Stephen Penman Bancha Daengneam, Karel Hromek and Pattara Hinmuangkow Attendance certificates being handed out at the end of the day
Anne O'Reilly and Ann-Mary Hromek Greg Emerson, Karel Hromek and Tane Taylor Philip Van Zanden receiving his Chelation Therapy Certification Certificate

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ACNEM members in the news
For those of you who didn’t catch it, here’s the link (transcript and video) to a recent Today Tonight segment on cancer, featuring Carole Hungerford, Ian Brighthope, Avni Sali and others. We were contacted by a Channel 7 producer a few weeks back about a series of health segments he was making and we put him in touch with a number of our doctors.  It seems that there will be more segments in the series to follow.

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AIMA Holistic Health Conference in Melbourne in October

The 15th International Holistic Health Conference will be held
9-11 October 2009 at the Novotel St Kilda, Melbourne. Confirmed Keynote speakers include Dr Elizabeth Brophy, Prof Kerryn Phelps, Prof Marc Cohen, Prof Richard Silberstein, Prof Luis Vitetta, Dr Ian Gawler, Dr Gary Deed, Dr Craig Hassed and many more invited keynotes and workshop presenters. Click here for more information

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"Deviation from the truths of the blood begets neurotic restlessness. Restlessness
begets meaninglessness, and the lack of meaning in life is a soul-sickness whose
full extent and full import our age has not yet begun to comprehend"
Carl Jung

Free lecture on Soil Science in Brisbane in September
ACNEM is continuing its program of free lectures for healthcare professionals and interested members of the public with a lecture on Soil Science by renowned author and educator, Graeme Sait, in Brisbane in September

Graeme Sait is the cofounder of Nutri-Tech Solutions, a recognised world leader in sustainable agriculture and horticulture.He is a sought-after, keynote speaker at conferences around the world and he is the founder of Radiance, a 6 day Wellness Festival that attracts crowds in excess of 12000. Graeme is the author of an internationally acclaimed book entitled "Nutrition Rules!" and he has multiple DVD publications. He is currently working on two new books covering soil, plant, environmental and human health issues. He is a prolific writer with hundreds of published articles to his credit and he is a popular columnist for several publications. His communication skills are most evident during his, passionate, charismatic presentations which are often described as "life-changing" and "inspirational".

We hope you can join us on Thursday 17 September at 7.30pm at the Brisbane Novotel, 200 Creek St, Brisbane. More details here.

For our interstate and overseas members, we plan to film the lecture and will let you know when it is available to view online.

Please RSVP to reserve your place and for catering purposes to
or phone (03) 9597 0363.

Download PDF invitation

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Primary Course, Thyroid/Adrenal, Pain Management - Brisbane in September
The 30 day early bird discount price has been extended to 31 August, so if you were thinking of attending any of the Brisbane courses, please register soon for the best possible price.

September 17-20 Brisbane (Novotel Brisbane)
(30 day early bird extended - please register by 31 August)
Primary Course in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (4 days)
Thyroid & Adrenal (2 days, 17-18 September)
Pain Management & Musculoskeletal (2 days, 19-20 September)

Thyroid and Adrenal Conditions (17-18 September)

Serum TSH is normal but your patient presents with weight gain, fatigue, lethargy, sleepiness, cold hands and/or feet, low body temperature, depression/anxiety, constipation, headache, menstrual problems, reduced sex drive, hair loss, swollen eye lids and general fluid retention, poor memory and concentration and dry skin, hair and/or nails. How can you treat subclinical and clinical thyroid conditions with diet, nutrients and herbs as well as exploring the role prescription medications can play?

Adrenal: Do you have patients presenting with any of the following symptoms known collectively as Adrenal Fatigue or Adrenal Burnout? Low body temperature, weakness, unexplained hair loss, nervousness, difficulty building muscle, irritability, mental depression, difficulty gaining weight, apprehension, hypoglycaemia, inability to concentrate, excessive hunger, tendency towards inflammation, moments of confusion, indigestion, poor memory, feelings of frustration, alternating diarrhoea and constipation, Osteoporosis, auto-immune diseases/hepatitis, lightheadedness, palpitations, dizziness that occurs upon standing, poor resistance to infections, low blood pressure, insomnia, food and/or inhalant allergies, PMS, craving for sweets, dry and thin skin, headaches, scanty perspiration, alcohol intolerance?

Would you like some support and understanding in the biochemical processes behind these symptoms? Come along and gain more knowledge through case history presentations, specialist presentations as well as your peers' extensive clinical experience. Diet and nutrients to support Adrenal and Thyroid conditions will be expertly explored and discussed.

Click here for more information on the Thyroid/Adrenal course

Pain Management & Musculoskeletal (19-20 September)

Chronic pain can happen to anyone. It does not discriminate. It affects people of all stages of life – the young, the middle-aged and the elderly. Not treating pain or believing it does not exist may cause serious problems. Pain weakens the immune system and slows recovery from disease or injury. It diminishes quality of life and impacts almost every aspect of a person’s life.

Several studies of General Practitioners with varying levels of pain management skills and knowledge were assessed both pre and post educational intervention. The results showed quite marked changes in General Practitioner's management and allow for the conclusion that education in pain assessment and management can lead to marked reductions in healthcare costs.

Come along to the upcoming seminar and learn from experienced practitioners in varying fields of physical therapies: Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Prolotherapy, Neural Therapy, Acupuncture and Exercise Physiology. As well as General Practitioners applying comprehensively researched therapies that have been very successful in their own practices.

We will also explore through Case History presentations the biochemical connections which can support and improve your understanding of pain management in the GP setting. Diet and nutrients will also be explored at this educational event. Take home techniques to support differential diagnosis of pain, education in the appropriate referral choice for different pain presentations and exercise prescriptions for some musculoskeletal problems.

Click here for more information on the Pain Mgmt/Musculoskeletal course

Register online now
Download a paper registration form

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ACNEM training in Auckland in November
The upcoming ACNEM training event in Auckland in November promises to be popular with a strong NZ integrative medicine community in support. ACNEM is committed to conducting training in New Zealand each year, and we expect to be back in Aotearoa in August 2010.

We will also be holding a special free event for healthcare professionals on the evening of Thursday 19th November, which will take the form of a Forum on current medico-legal topics with well known invited speakers and panelists. We'll let you know as soon as the program is finalised.

We look forward to catching up with our NZ members in November. Register by 19 September for the best early bird price.

November 19-22 Auckland (Waipuna, Mt Wellington)
(90 day early bird extended - register by 19 September for the best early bird price)
Primary Course in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (4 days)
Metabolic Syndrome (2 days, 19-20 November)
Menopause & Androgen Deficiency (2 days, 21-22 November)

Register online now
Download a paper registration form

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ACNEM Journal - new issue out now

By now Members and Friends of ACNEM will have received the latest issue of the Journal (the 2nd of 4 issues planned for 2009). If you membership is up to date and you haven't received your copy, please contact us as soon as possible.

Feature articles include:

* Intravenous High-dose Vitamin C in the Treatment of
Implanted Hepatoma in Rats

Clifford L.K.Pang et al
* Environmental Exposure Assessment in Children
Dr Kristin Roe

* How Toxic Is Your Sunscreen?
Dr Peter Dingle

Thanks to Michelle Bradford for her dedicated work putting the Journal together and to our authors for their excellent contributions.

Papers and articles are now invited for consideration to publish in a future edition of the ACNEM Journal, including:

* investigations
* case reviews
* hypotheses
* correspondence
* outcome studies
* literature reviews
* technical reports
* case reports
* clinical procedures
* commentary
* clinical notes
* letters to the editor

Case reports and case reviews should not exceed 1000 words. Investigations, literature reviews, research studies, hypotheses, technical reports and clinical notes should not exceed 2500 words. Author guidelines are available on request from

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ACNEM Training Calendar 2009-2010

Good news for Melburnians, after nearly two years travelling the country, ACNEM training is back in Melbourne in March 2010, followed by Perth in May 2010. Other courses for 2010 will be announced soon and may include Queenstown, Gold Coast and Sydney.

September 17-20 Brisbane (Novotel, Brisbane)
(30 day early bird extended - please register by 31 August)
Primary Course in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (4 days)
Thyroid & Adrenal (2 days, 17-18 September)
Pain Management & Musculoskeletal (2 days, 19-20 September)

November 19-22 Auckland (Waipuna, Mt Wellington)
(90 day early bird extended - register by 19 September for the best early bird price)
Primary Course in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (4 days)
Metabolic Syndrome (2 days, 19-20 November)
Menopause & Androgen Deficiency (2 days, 21-22 November)

March 11-14, 2010 Melbourne (Sebel, Albert Park)

(register by 11 December for the best early bird price)
Primary Course in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (4 days)
The GUT - Gastrointestinal Health and Disease (2 days, 11-12 March)
Epigenetics & Nutrigenomics - Nature or Nurture? (2 days, 13-14 March)

Stay tuned for announcement of a special event at this training

May 13-16, 2010 Perth (venue tba)
(register by 13 February for the best early bird price)
Primary Course in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (4 days)
Environmental Influences on Health and Disease (2 days, 13-14 May)
Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cognitive Health (2 days, 15-16 May)

...more 2010 courses will be announced soon

ACNEM is a fully accredited RACGP QA&CPD training provider for the 2008-2010 Triennium, with 40 Category 1 points allocated to most training programs. ACRRM and RNZCGP points may also be applicable.

Register online now
Download a paper registration form

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"What did you find in the fields today, you who have wandered so far away?
I found a wind-flower, small and frail, and a crocus cup like a holy grail;
I found a hill that was clad in gorse, a new-built nest, and a streamlet's source;
I saw a star and a moonlit tree; I listened...I think God spoke to me."
Hilda Rostron

Practice Opportunities
Did you know we list practice opportunities in the Networking section of the ACNEM website? Some recent listings are shown below.There is also a Coming Events section on the ACNEM website.

St Kilda
Melbourne's busiest Integrative/Anti-Aging Cliinic is looking for Doctors, Nurses and allied health professionals to join our team. If you want to work with the best, in a beautiful computerised practice with IV clinic, Naturopath, Osteopath, Councilors and headed by Medical Director, Dr Denis Rebic, then we would like to hear from you. Contact Jonathan the Practice Manager on 0413 839 912 to discuss this opportunity further.

Specialised medical clinic in central Geelong, desperately needs another medical practitioner to work either full or part time. This clinic does no 'general practice', has no after hours' service and excels in integrative/functional medicine. Specialties included are medical acupuncture, psychology, nutritional and environmental medicine, bioidentical hormone supplementation and anti-aging medicine. A designated room is available for IV chelating/ vitamin C infusions...
more information on this practice opportunity available here

Prahran/South Yarra
We are currently taking application to expand our Integrative GPs at a cutting edge multi-disciplinary clinic in Prahran/South Yarra. This recently completed architecturally designed facility accommodates an enthusiastic and motivated group of practitioners with over 40 years combined clinical experience. Modalities offered include Allopathic Medicine, Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Counselling & Psychology, Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Remedial/Sports Massage. more information on this practice opportunity available here

Practice in Brighton is seeking a female doctor who is interested in working part time in a practice that integrates conventional medicine with evidence based natural medicine, has a holistic approach, and where possible identifies and treats the causes of ill health. Days, times and remuneration by negotiation. Contact: Vanessa 03 9596 0757.

New South Wales
The Natural Health and Fertility Centre is looking for an Integrative Doctor and experienced Acupuncturist to join our team. The centre provides a supportive environment and fosters a multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare by integrating various modalities and specialties. The clinic has a strong focus on fertility support and treatment. Please contact for further details: Leah Hechtman on email: phone: 1 300 787066 or 0411 590 701

Bellingen Valley
Beautiful Bellingen Valley - Mid North Coast of NSW.  Lifestyle Doctor to choose to work from 4-8 sessions/week. Friendly family practice with strong emphasis on wellness and nutritional medicine. Fully accreditated with nurse support. VMO roster Opt.  Phone: Bellingen Healing Centre 02 6655 0000.

Bondi Junction
Registered Nurse (NSW) to join Levity Health, a state of the art holistic practice. Some admin experience and preferably with intravenous access skills or keen to learn. Can be male or female. Position is initially part-time with potential for full-time in future. Mon and Wed afternoons and Sat mornings. Centre currently houses practitioners that practice Medical, IV Vitamins/Chelation, Personal Trainers, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Mind/Body Coaching and Counseling, Naturopathy & Nutrition, Kinesiology.  Really unique place! Check out the website If interested please email

Southern Sydney
GP to join large modern multi disciplinary complementary medicine practice based in Southern Sydney. Our current practitioners are leaders in their respective fields, including: Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition, Remedial and Relaxation Massage, Sports Coaching and Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, Sports Kinesiology, TCM, Acupuncture, Psychology and NET. For more information please email:

Sydney city
The Wholistic Medical Centre, established in 1977, is looking for an integrative GP wanting to establish a half-time practice within a supportive and experienced team of medical and complementary practitioners.  Check us out on  and reply with your details on or call Dr Nick Bassal on 02 92113811.

Gold Coast

We are looking for a doctor who is either experienced in wholistic and integrative medicine or with a passion to work in this area. We are currently a joint team of a very experienced wholistic and integrative doctor, and Occupational Therapist specialising in scientific and intuitive bodywork. We both have a passion for optimising health through various natural modalities. The atmosphere at the clinic is a pleasant balance of professionalism and relaxation and is located in beautiful Currumbin on the Gold Coast. Please call with all enquiries 07 5534 7733 or email

Western Australia
Mosman Park
Applications are invited from dynamic and committed Naturopathic Medicine Practitioners and Holistic Integrative Medicine GPs to join a professional, patient-focused and innovative Wellness Medicine Practice opening soon in Mosman Park. Successful applicants will join a team of health professionals including Naturopaths, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Psychologists, Integrative Medicine Doctors, Nutritionists and Remedial Massage Therapists. more information on this practice opportunity available here

Principal Integrative GP required to take over medical services in a supportive Wellness Centre. Centre is 12 month’s old and custom built as a Health centre in one of the fastest growing communities in Perth. Other services include Chiropractic, Occupational Therapy, Naturopathy and Remedial Massage Therapy. Please forward all enquiries to William Taylor at

New Zealand

Helios Integrative Medical Centre requires GP/Associate, full or part-time. Exciting opportunity available in modern, established Integrative Medical Centre. Work alongside doctors doing Acupuncture, Biomedical Medicine, Anthroposophical Medicine. Practice can involve mix of GP work and more specialist complimentary consultations.
email: or phone : +64 3 3325702

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'Good Health' on the air
Sydney members and friends can tune in to to the remaining episodes of a 12-part series on nutritional and environmental medicine each Monday morning at 7.45am with Dr Carole Hungerford on Sydney's 2SER 107.3fm. The series, entitled '21st Century Health', started on Monday 27 July so there are still 8 episodes left. For those outside Sydney, the series will be podcast on 2SER from the Monday Breakfast homepage.

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Thanks to our Sponsors
A warm welcome to Bio Concepts as our newest sponsor. ACNEM relies on the support of sponsors and exhibitors at our training events, without whom we would not be able to provide competively-priced training programs. We also value their generous support of ACNEM and their commitment to research and development in nutritional and environmental medicine.

Special thanks go to the following companies for providing ongoing support in the form of annual sustaining sponsorship of ACNEM:

ACNEM has a policy of non-endorsement of third party companies and a single level of sponsorship for supporting organisations. Our guidelines for exhibitors and sponsors incorporate the RACGP sponsorship guidelines, with clear separation of educational and promotional content. Our sustaining sponsors are organisations who have made an annual commitment to support ACNEM's work in promoting nutritional and environmental medicine and we thank them for their generous contribution.

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Latest news and research

  • Use of supplements of multivitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin E in relation to mortality. more
  • Effects of multivitamin/mineral supplementation on plasma levels of nutrients. Report No. 4 of the Italian-American clinical trial of nutritional supplements and age-related cataract. more
  • 'Alternative' Medicine Is Mainstream, Deepak Chopra, Dean Ornish, Rustrum Roy and Andrew Weil. more
  • Chronic Fatigue resources - Dr John Graham's website. more
  • RCH Clinical Practice Guidelines- an extensive resource more, eg: Paediatric dosing instructions for iron supplementation. more
  • Green tea (Camellia sinensis) for the prevention of cancer. more
  • A multivariate analysis of serum nutrient levels and lung function. more
  • Evaluation of oxidative stress, antioxidant status and serum vitamin C levels in cancer patients. more
  • Serum levels of retinol and other antioxidants for hearing impairment among Japanese older adults. more
  • Incremental Effects of Eicosapentaenoic Acid on Cardiovascular Events in Statin-Treated Patients With Coronary Artery Disease Secondary Prevention Analysis From JELIS. more
  • Increased Prevalence and Mortality in Undiagnosed Celiac Disease. more
  • Meta-analysis of the effects of flaxseed interventions on blood lipids. more
  • Lower risk of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia in women with high plasma folate and sufficient vitamin B12 in the post-folic acid fortification era. more
  • Vitamin D and vitamin D analogues for preventing fractures associated with involutional and post-menopausal osteoporosis. more
  • Vitamin D is associated with cognitive function in elders receiving home health services. more
  • The use of herbal medicines by people with cancer: a qualitative study. more
  • 1alpha, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 Interacts with Curcuminoids to Stimulate Amyloid-beta Clearance by Macrophages of Alzheimer's Disease Patients. more
  • Garlic for the common cold. more
  • Serenoa repens (extract of berry of American saw palmetto) for benign prostatic hyperplasia. more
  • Mono and multifaceted inhalant and/or food allergen reduction interventions for preventing asthma in children at high risk of developing asthma. more
  • Plasma Coenzyme Q10 Predicts Lipid-lowering Response to High-Dose Atorvastatin. more
  • Vitamin C deficiency in a population of young Canadian adults. more
  • Plasma levels of B vitamins and colorectal cancer risk: the multiethnic cohort study. more
  • Probiotic effects on cold and influenza-like symptom incidence and duration in children. more
  • Effect of addition of vitamin C to clarithromycin-amoxicillin-omeprazol triple regimen on Helicobacter pylori eradication. more
  • B-vitamin deficiency in hospitalized patients with heart failure. more
  • Fish oil supplementation in pregnancy and lactation may decrease the risk of infant allergy. more
  • The association of fruits, vegetables, antioxidant vitamins and fibre intake with high-sensitivity C-reactive protein: sex and body mass index interactions. more
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E-news archive
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