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The AGM was held on Friday 23 November 2012 and saw the uncontested election of the following members:

  • President: A/Prof Eugen Molodysky (incumbent)
  • Vice President: Dr James Read
  • Treasurer: Dr Tony Bartone (incumbent)
  • Secretary: Dr Jennie McKern (formerly Vice President)
  • Dr Suzan Bekir
  • Dr Ron Ehrlich (incumbent)
  • Dr Tim Ewer (NZ)
  • Dr Debbie Fewtrell (NZ) (incumbent)
  • Dr Timothy Hall (formerly Secretary)
  • Dr Braham Rabinov (incumbent)
  • Dr Oscar Serrallach (incumbent)
  • Dr Michelle Woolhouse (incumbent)

The following Board members resigned during the course of the year or did not stand for re-election:

  • Dr Karel Hromek (Immediate Past President)
  • Dr Anjana Arunachalam
  • Dr Matthew Shelton (NZ)

More information on the new Board can be found here.

The minutes of the AGM will be available to full members on request once finalised.

ACNEM 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Awards

A very successful and entertaining evening was enjoyed by over 130 members at the Gala Dinner on Saturday 24th November. Speeches were given by Prof Ian Brighthope, ACNEM's founding President; A/Prof Eugen Molodysky, current ACNEM President; Dr Pradeep Philip, Secretary of the Department of Health, Victoria; and Professor Michael Kidd AM, President Elect of the World Organisation of Family Doctors. Attendees were then presented with a video message from The Hon Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia.

The following recipients were presented with special honours during the night:

Honorary Fellowships

  • Prof Michael Kidd AM
  • Prof Michael Fenech
  • Prof Andy Sinclair
  • Dr Sue Shepherd
  • Ann-Mary Hromek

The ACNEM Award

  • Dr Karel Hromek
  • Dr Merv Garrett
  • Dr Carole Hungerford
  • Dr Iggy Soosay
  • Dr Paul Holman
  • Prof Anvi Sali

More information on ACNEM's 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner and Awards including the PM's video address here. Members can access an extensive photo gallery from the night in the member-only section here.

ACNEM Vision, Mission, Core Values, Aims & Objectives

The 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner was the ideal opportunity to present members with ACNEM's new Vision, Mission Statement, Core Values, and Aims and Objectives. A/Prof Eugen Molodysky launched the strategy as a framework for the College's activities for the next decade. A copy of the Vision document can be found here. (PDF)

Prof Ian Brighthope, MB.BS., D.Ag.Sci., FACNEM, FACHM

Dr Ian BrighthopeProfessor Ian Brighthope graduated in Agricultural Science in 1965. He was a Foundation Member of Agricultural Technologists of Australia, now renamed The Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology. 

In 1969 he entered medical school at the University of New South Wales and following three pre-clinical years, completed his clinical studies at Monash University in Victoria, graduating MBBS in 1974. Ian’s interest in the implications of human nutrition and the environment in health and disease commenced in his undergraduate training in the 1960’s and as a doctor, and has continued to develop throughout his career.

It was in the fields of plant and animal nutrition that Ian became aware of the importance of optimum nutrition and the use of nutritional and biochemical supplementation in animal production, the treatment of animal dysfunction and the potential of this approach in the prevention and treatment of human disease.   Ian adopted nutritional medicine and environmental medicine approaches in his medical practice, which was the first of its kind in Australia.

The Brighthope Clinic and Biocentre which were developed in the 1970’s specialized in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine with particular interests in psychiatric diseases, learning and behaviour disorders, cancer patient care, heart disease, psychological disorders related to foods and chemicals, the chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, asthma, food and chemical sensitivities, auto-immune diseases, diabetes and the treatment of acute viral illnesses and other conditions with mega-doses of intravenous Vitamin C and other nutrients.

The antioxidant and intravenous Vitamin C clinics under his management were the first of their kind in Australia. They treated patients from all walks of life from all over the world. The Brighthope Clinic was the first Integrative Medicine Centre in Australia in which modalities such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, intravenous nutritional therapies and others were integrated with mainstream and hospital medicine in the 1970’s. In the early 1980’s, he coined the term ‘Integrative Medicine’, which was initially registered as a business and publishing house. This term was adopted by the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA), which has become a significant force in changing the practice of orthodox medicine in Australia. 

The Brighthope Biocentre was the first Chelation Centre in Australia in which holistic detoxification programs were established in conjunction with mega-dose intravenous Vitamin C therapy. The approach to the management of many diseases in his centres was always based on science and frequently innovative. These modalities are now routinely taught to medical practitioners in Australia by ACNEM.

As president of ACNEM, Professor Brighthope pioneered the first post-graduate medical course in nutrition in Australia and remained on the faculty as one of its principle lecturers from 1980 until 2007. He initiated the ACNEM Fellowship program and examinations and continues to promote ACNEM as the peak body in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine in Australasia and Asia. Prof Brighthope, in association with Prof Avni Sali, formed the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine at Swinburne University in 1996, at which he was honoured with a Full Professorship.

Prof Brighthope has published extensively and has appeared regularly in the media as an advocate of nutritional and environmental health. He is the author of 5 books and many scientific articles and reviews.   His books have been endorsed by many luminaries, most notably the late Linus Pauling, the only person to have ever been awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes.  

Over three decades Professor Brighthope had a very busy lecturing schedule to health professionals and the public in Australia and internationally.┬áHe continues to consult for the manufacturing industry in nutrition and micronutrient supplementation and supervises and consults for various health resorts and specialist clinics, preventive medicine programs and sporting concerns. He and his companies have initiated and/or sponsored many major events in Nutritional Medicine in Australia for more than 25 years, including international and national conferences and University based research. The research programs have included the study of Vitamin E in Cancer, the Risk Factors in Breast Cancer, the attitudes of Medical Practitioners to Complementary Therapies, the Antioxidant Activity of Polyphenols in Grapeseeds, Post-Antibiotic use of Probiotics and the use of SAMe in fibromyalgia and Depression.  

Professor Brighthope has acted as an advocate of doctors practicing Complementary Medicine for over 25 years. He has had training and extensive experience in Crisis Management, Risk Management and Public/Government Relations. He was President of the Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia, the peak industry body for Complementary Medicines, at the time of the Pan Pharmaceutical recall. He was responsible for the management of the many political, legal, insurance, regulatory and media issues caused by the world’s largest recall of pharmaceutical products.

In 2007, after stepping down as President of ACNEM he was honoured with the inaugural ACNEM award to recognize his contribution to health through the research, teaching and practice of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. Professor Brighthope’s lifelong dream is to change the way medicine and healthcare is practiced for the benefit of the public and to see nutrition, nutritional and environmental medicine the building blocks and keystones to world health and peace.



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Upcoming Courses

March 2013, Adelaide


Primary Course
Foundation postgraduate training in NEM
2 days face-to-face, 23-24 March
+ equivalent of another 2 days online, 4 months online access
80 Cat 1 RACGP points

Tiny Tots to Teenagers - Childhood Conditions
23 March, 1 day face-to-face + equivalent of 1 day online content, 6 weeks online access
40 Cat 1 RACGP points

Menopause & 'Andropause' - Mid-Life for Women & Men, Hormones & BHRT
24 March, 1 day face-to-face + equivalent of 1 day online content, 6 weeks online access
40 Cat 1 RACGP points

More Information


Online Learning

ACNEM offers online (distance) education in NEM including the Primary Course and other speciality workshops. Commence at any time and learn at your own pace from your computer.

More Information

Other Events

Bio Autism 2013

3 February 2013
Melbourne Brain Centre, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne

BioAutism meetings focus on the neural and biological basis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It is estimated that 1 in 100 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder each year. While the causes of autism are not clear, in recent years significant progress has been made towards unravelling the aetiology and candidate mechanisms. The aim of this meeting is to bring together researchers working on autism spectrum disorders from multiple disciplines, with the specific goal to consider how basic and clinical research can accelerate therapies and treatments.
Topics to be discussed include genetics, synaptic and circuit level mechanisms, cognitive mechanisms, animal models, moving from models and mechanisms to therapeutics.

More (PDF)


Injectable Nutrients Training - ACMN

1-3 March 2013

These 3-day workshops offer doctors and nurses practical, hands-on training directly with injectables, supported by presentations on the science of using high-dose injectable nutrients along with presentation and discussion of relevant cases. Participants work in small groups, supported by experienced practitioners, and have numerous opportunities to handle, mix, receive and administer infusions. ACNEM fellowship candidates receive 2 points per hour; nurses and VR doctors may apply for relevant CPD points.



2nd International Symposium Migraine, Muscles and Mastication

8-10 March 2013
Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel, Sydney

This Symposium looks at the dental connection between muscles and chronic pain. It will cover topics as diverse as trigger points,migraine and other headaches and chronic pain, the role of the central nervous system(cervical and glial) in chronic pain, and the way that the environment, in particular diet, can be used to alter that response. We will also examine the effect of sleep and sleep bruxism on migraine and chronic pain, and the role the dentist can take in the treatment of these conditions.



Persistent Pain: A National Challenge - 2013 Australian Pain Society 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting

17-20 March 2013
National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia

"Persistent Pain - A National Challenge" will be the overriding theme of the Australian Pain Society's Annual Scientific Meeting, to be held at the National Convention Centre,Canberra from 17 - 20 March 2013. Our International Keynote speakers include Dr Rollin Gallagher from Penn Pain Medicine Center, Pennsylvania, Professor Jurgen Sandkuhler from the University of Vienna, and Professor Geert Crombez from Ghent University, Belgium.



Meditation in the Forest - a pre-Easter retreat with Ian and Ruth Gawler

22-28 March 2013
Upper Yarra Valley, Victoria, AustraliaExperience deep natural peace amidst the majestic forests of the Upper Yarra Valley. Take time out from the busyness of everyday life and spend time with yourself. Slow down, reflect,contemplate - regain perspective,vitality, balance and clarity. Inquiries (03) 59666130, bookings (03) 59671730.



Outreach 2013 - Medical Practitioner Training Program

6-13 April 2013
Outrigger Surfers Paradise, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

This program offers an opportunity for training in nutrient therapy protocols for Mental & Behavioural Disorders (pioneered by the late Dr. Carl Pfeiffer and further developed through extensive research by Dr. William J. Walsh.) & advanced evaluation & treatment techniques for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Approved RACGP QA & CPD points. Approved ACRRM 30 PDP points.


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