5 Urgent Reasons to Start Practicing Environmental Medicine Now

“Why should I give up 2 days of my life to do ACNEM’s Environmental Health training module?” we hear you ask. Well here are the top 5 reasons….

1. COP26 was a failure

Governments seem unwilling or unable to save the world from runaway climate and environmental problems, so it is up to us. The College is moving into a more visible and public stance on environmental issues as they relate to health and disease, and we need our practitioners to be up for this challenge.

Our core environmental tenet is that planetary health, biodiversity, sustainability and human health are one and the same. Healthy people require a healthy planet. There is no alternative. No Plan B.

As practitioners, we see the health problems caused by environmental hazards. We are creating a way for that information to translate to pressure for environmental change. You do the training, and ACNEM will provide the platform to allow us to heal the planet one person at a time.

2. Environmental Medicine is half of NEM

ACNEM’s President, Dr Mark Donohoe, comes to NEM from the environmental perspective, and is keen to restore the balance between nutritional and environmental approaches to health and disease.

Environmental Medicine is set to become half of the future curriculum of the College, so we encourage every Student, Member and Fellow to begin their environmental medicine journey or update their skills with this teaching module, and get a head start on the subject.

3. The world and its toxins are changing – we all need to keep up to date.

Toxins and environmental threats have changed over time, and our new training module responds to these current environmental hazards while also addressing the multi-generational legacy of previous toxins. The science and data underpinning the health effects of particulates, climate change, biotoxins, EMF and indoor toxins is all there in 2 days of training.

This is a completely new training module, which will build the start of our future curriculum in Environmental Medicine

4. Dr Joseph Pizzorno

Dr Pizzorno and the late Walter Crinnion literally wrote the book “Clinical Environmental Medicine”, the textbook the College is planning its future curriculum around.

We believe that there is no better authority worldwide than Dr Pizzorno, and we are thrilled that he has agreed to lead our training program. This is the person you need to hear and see to gain a core of knowledge and grounding in the principles of Environmental Medicine and Health.

5. Sandeep, Nicole, Tim, Stephen, Christabelle and Mark

All stars in their own environmental fields.

  • Sandeep Gupta exposes the biotoxins that harm, where they lurk, the chronic inflammatory response syndrome they cause, and treatments that work.
  • Nicole Biljsma guides us through the art and science of building biologists in environmental health assessment, and how wireless technologies in everyday use affect our health.
  • Tim Ewer returns for another season, about the chemicals that injure, their origins and how we can protect our patients and communities from harm by effecting changes in those communities.
  • Our favourite Professor, ACNEM Board member Stephen Myers, takes on the dusts and particulates, pollutants that cause massive death and disability worldwide from both respiratory and systemic disease.
  • Christabelle Yeoh and Mark Donohoe team up as veterans of Environmental Medicine (Mark, the more “veteran” of the two) to focus on the clinical practicalities, all the way from EM history taking, through assessing the toxic load and on to proven methods of detoxification and tissue repair.

SO, in conclusion…

Someone has to step up and lead humanity on a path that aligns with our environment. We are teaching practitioners how to do that, one person, one family, one home, one school, one workplace, one community and one nation at a time.

Come and get the tools and knowledge you need to make a difference at all these levels, and support your College in making a stand on environmental health issues from patient to planet.

ACNEM’s Environment Health online training is being released on 27th November 2021.