Brighthope Family Scholarship


The Brighthope Family Scholarship for emerging and potential innovation leaders in NEM was established to promote the use of NEM in conjunction with conventional medicine, to educate medical practitioners and the general public, and to honour the work legacy of Prof. Ian Brighthope.

We’re excited to announce 3 lucky winners for the Brighthope Family Scholarship. Ian Brighthope was overwhelmed by the standard of applications that he decided to award an extra scholarship!

A big congratulations to:


Dr Tamara Nation

“As I opened my email while at work this morning I felt immense gratitude and happiness to be awarded the Brighthope Family Scholarship at ACNEM. When I heard about the scholarship, I was both excited and energised. Excited that there was a new and innovative vehicle for inspiring and encouraging doctors to participate in NEM. Energised that this creates a pathway for robust and excellent leaders in the field.”

“I see NEM as the answer to a lot of the major health problems and national priorities areas of current times: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and mental health. NEM is in the unique position of understanding the “whole person” across the life cycle in a detailed analysis which incorporates genetics, lifestyle and nutrition. NEM is the most relevant and important medical speciality of the future as it has the power to address chronic illness from a root cause perspective versus a disease symptom perspective.”


 Dr Susan Oldfield

“I am so excited and pleased to be awarded this scholarship, and am so thankful to Ian Brighthope for donating the money. I have been working in NEM for over six years, starting on my own with a small clinic, then working in a large NEM practice in Australia and then joining with another NEM GP in New Zealand.”

“My colleague and I opened a GP practice last year that specialises in NEM. We are attempting to merge ‘mainstream’ with NEM as we see this as the future model. We provide personalised, preventative, lifestyle medicine at the forefront of our consultations and treatment plans.”

“The future of NEM is exciting and I am passionate about progressing the medical knowledge base on this approach. I look forward to completing my ACNEM fellowship and working towards helping more patients!”


Dr Michelle Musca

“To unexpectedly discover that I had been chosen as runner up for the Brighthope Family Scholarship has filled me with such excitement and a renewed sense of drive and I can’t thank you enough.”

“Preventative health and nutrition have been a part of my inner psyche for as long as I can remember. Whilst training as a GP registrar in Tasmania, I ran a number of community workshops on plant-based eating and reversing chronic disease using a lifestyle approach. However, being busy completing my RACGP fellowship, giving birth to three babies and then moving from Tasmania to Western Australia, it has only been this year that I have been in a position to finally sink my teeth into some formal Integrative Medicine training with ACNEM.”

“My dream is to specialise as an Integrative GP with expertise in managing children through nutrition and lifestyle measures. Today’s children are our future, and with what seems like an increasing tsunami of mental health and behavioural concerns, it is pertinent that we find a way to help them overcome their challenges and develop into healthy and productive adults. The future of medicine relies upon us working collaboratively, using a multidisciplinary team approach that doesn’t simply treat the symptoms, but searches for their underlying cause.”