A Blokes Chat on Mental Health and Wellbeing


Today is R U OK? Day – a good reminder of the power of asking these three simple words. And that it’s okay not to be okay.

Martin Gillespie, ACNEM Board Member, recently had a bloke-to-bloke chat about mental health and wellbeing with Adam Nelson from Engineers Australia.

They touch on a lot of interesting topics including:

  1. Male conversations from the heart, from the emotional part of our being
  2. The journey of self-awareness
  3. A journey and experiences with traditional medics, the experience, the challenges and the discoveries
  4. The search for finding natural offerings and not prescriptive medications.
  5. The emotional journey on trying for a family
  6. The mix of holistic wellbeing including sleep, nutrition, meditation and physical wellness.
  7. How asking for help isn’t weak – it is brave, it is bold and it is masculine!

We hope you enjoy this discussion.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mental Health from a Nutritional and Environmental Medicine perspective, check out ACNEM’s Mental Health module.