Di Strang

Di Strang is a naturopath, with over 30 years experience in Complementary Medicine. She has had m...

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Education Manager

Marta Pelinovskaia

Marta joined the education team in 2019 and is passionate about research and education in health ...

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Specialist Learning Designer

Charlotte Thompson

Charlotte has a passion for mind-body holistic health, and acknowledges the roles that nutritiona...

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Education Research & Development Project Manager

Narelle Stegehuis

Narelle is part of the education team and holds a Masters of Health Science, a Grad Dip Health Sc...

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Engagement & Support Manager

Megan Bonham

Megan is the Engagement & Support Manager at acnem and has extensive experience in customer s...

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Marketing & Partnerships Manager

Mikaila Beaver

Mikaila is the Partnerships Manager at acnem and holds a Bachelor's degree in Health Science (Nat...

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Education Support Project Manager

Garuda Nicolle

Garuda loves everything about natural health. He currently has a Bachelor's degree in Health Scie...

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Marketing & Design Project Manager

Jonathon Falcke

Jonny has recently joined acnem as the Marketing & Design Project Manager. Jonny has a core e...

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Wendy Meik

Wendy has worked in finance for acnem for 12 years. She holds a B Bus (Accounting) from Monash Un...

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