acnem Strategy 2025 – Integrative healthcare education

Strategy 2022-2025 Goals

  1. To provide quality evidence based integrative healthcare education
  2. To cultivate the integrative healthcare community
  3. To promote integrative healthcare

  1. Integrity: we ensure our education and advocacy has integrity by being evidence-based and delivered with respect. 
  2. Independence: we guard the unbiased, evidence-based and independent nature of our education and information rigorously.   
  3. Innovation: we embrace new evidence-based ideas, approaches and thinking. 
  4. Collaboration: we collaborate with leading clinicians, academics and industry to bring our community evidence-based education, information and advocacy. 
  5. Fellowship: our Fellowship pathway is a formal post graduate programme designed to provide a deep understanding of the theoretical framework and the practical application of Integrative Medicine.  

acnem’s Four Pillars of Health

In educating healthcare practitioners about nutritional and environmental medicine, acnem promotes the Four Pillars of Health as the foundation for a healthy life:

  1. Healthy diet and good nutrition
  2. Adequate physical activity
  3. Good sleep
  4. Healthy environment

These four pillars of health are a focus of acnem’s educational offerings which include webinars, short courses, as well as structured training pathways to gain acnem Fellowship.

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