ACNEM Mentoring Program

The goal of the ACNEM Mentoring Program is to provide a pathway for ACNEM members or those who have completed the ACNEM Primary Modules to learn about how to get started and integrate nutritional and environmental medicine into their professional practice. It is designed to give ACNEM members a set of tools and ideas that they can use to build on to gain the necessary experience and confidence to practise Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. This program is also designed to provide support for the more experienced practitioner who would like to benefit from a Mentor in specialist areas or complex cases.

The ACNEM Mentoring Program is a group program - there will be one Mentor for a group of up to four Mentees. Mentors and Mentees will meet for an hour every two weeks for six sessions over a three-month period. A Fellow of ACNEM can apply to be a Mentor and any member who has completed the ACNEM Primary Modules can apply to be a Mentee.


A Mentor provides guidance and recommendations to help the Mentee develop their professional skills and serves as a resource in the practice of nutritional and environmental medicine. A Mentor will provide advice and information on how nutritional and environmental medicine can work in reality with their current professional positions or solely as a nutritional and environmental health professional.

A Mentor will generally experience the following benefits:

  • the personal satisfaction of giving back to ACNEM and its members;
  • showing leadership in sessions and activities;
  • a legacy of personal knowledge, insight and experience;
  • professional enhancement, higher visibility and prestige;
  • expansion of their own professional network.


The ACNEM Mentoring Program is designed primarily for the benefit of the Mentee. Therefore the Mentee will assume the majority of the responsibility for the quality of outcomes in a mentoring partnership. A Mentee will seek constructive feedback as well as encouragement and will have a strong commitment to professional growth and the ambition to succeed.

A Mentee will generally experience the following benefits:

  • assistance in defining goals, strategies and options in the practise of nutritional and environmental medicine;
  • help in building confidence to integrate and utilise nutritional and environmental medicine in their own practice;
  • a clear defined pathway for on-going educational and/or training opportunities;
  • a sounding board for their ideas and thoughts;
  • recommendations for helpful resources.