Ayurvedic Principles LIVE & FREE online event series

Dr Ajit Graduated

PART 1 – Thursday 8 June 

PART 2 – Thursday 15th June

WEBINAR START TIMES 12:00pm NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, TAS 11:30am SA, NT | 10:00am WA

Webinars will be 45 min plus 15 min Q & A. Recordings will be made available.


This webinar series will give you an understanding of Ayurvedic Herbology, Pharmacology and Ancient Indian Systems that utilise natural herbs and substances to promote health and well-being. You will learn about the foundational principles of the Three Doshas, Biological Humours, and how these concepts are applied in Ayurvedic Herbology to determine the dominant dosha or combination of doshas in an individual. This webinar series will help you to gain an understanding and offer tools to integrate Ayurvedic Herbology into developing basic strategies to balance the doshas and promote health.