Chris Millar Foundation for Integrative Medicine Scholarship

Dr Chris Millar (1954–2014) was an integrative GP who set up his own practice in Ballarat in 2005 and was a much-loved member of the Ballarat community. Chris participated in the acnem Foundations course and was a keen acnem supporter. Unfortunately, Chris died suddenly of a heart attack in 2014. His family and friends established the Chris Millar Foundation in his honour in 2015, with money coming from donations made at Chris’s memorial and fundraising events.   

In the last couple of years, the Chris Millar Foundation has partnered with acnem, and is pleased to announce that in 2022, they will offer two scholarships for Australian GP registrars to undertake the Foundations course (parts 1 & 2), chosen via an application process. 

We are proud to launch this latest round on 17 June 2022 with a closing date of 5pm (AEST) on Tuesday 5th July 2022.  Successful candidates will be announced in early July 2022. 

Click here to access the application process. 


A massive congratulations to our scholarship recipients from February 2022 – Dr David Turton and Dr Deepa Mahananda!



Dr Deepa Mahananda, MBBS

Dr Deepa Mahananda is a Director and Principal Doctor at Sydney Low Carb Specialists located in Castle Hill, NSW.  She co-founded this clinic 2.5 years ago after seeing the great improvements her patients were able to achieve using a ‘food as medicine’ approach with conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, hypertension, obesity, polycystic ovarian syndrome and menopause. The focus of her current practice is to use the spectrum of therapeutic carbohydrate restriction to prevent and manage chronic health conditions as well as optimise general health and wellbeing. This has involved extensive self-directed education through attendance at relevant medical conferences, completing online courses and reviewing the literature to develop an understanding of the full spectrum of low carbohydrate diets, including ketogenic diets.

Dr Deepa is a Board Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist (credential achieved through the American Nutrition Association®) and Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She has attained the Sexual Health & Family Planning Certificate as well as Diploma in Child Health (University of Sydney). Dr Deepa graduated from Western Sydney University in 2012 and completed her junior medical officer training at Concord, Canterbury and Broken Hill hospitals. She is passionate about teaching and is a Conjoint Lecturer with Western Sydney University. She is currently leading an educational network for low carb practising GPs in Sydney.

“In the next stage of my career, I would like to not just treat disease but also assist my patients to achieve longevity whilst maintaining good quality of life. To engage in this work, I believe it is vital to expand my knowledge in the field of nutritional and environmental medicine as these are areas which were not emphasised in the curriculum in medical school or general practice training.

“Whilst I have practiced in the cardiometabolic and nutrition space for some time, I am cognisant that my knowledge base remains limited with regards to the gut microbiome, mental health biochemical pathways, immune dysfunction and environmental triggers of health conditions, specifically endocrine disruptors. Additionally further education regarding mould toxin and heavy metals would greatly benefit my patients in whom there are symptoms which appear to be related to such environmental exposures.”


Dr David Turton, MBBS

Dr David Turton is working at Medicann Clinics, where he offers medicinal cannabis consultations. Formerly he was at Highland Medical practice as a GP registrar, and at Western Australian Deputising Medical Service, doing home visits and telehealth consultations. Among his special interests he lists integrative and complementary medicine, chronic disease prevention, and mental wellbeing.

“Achieving the best quality of life by using a wholistic approach to wellbeing – now there’s a noble goal! Rarely in life there is a panacea, a single remedy for every problem- medicine is no exception – wellbeing therefore is a fusion of different habits, practices and remedies. My name is David Turton and I practice as a doctor in Western Australia. Whilst a country boy at heart, I’ve made Perth city my home while I build and integrate a robust philosophy of health and wellbeing. To the degree that I have suffered, I stand committed to assist others to extricate themselves from suffering, be it mental physical, emotional or spiritual. My passions lie in helping people prevent and reverse illness and manage their mind, for the best life possible. An integrated approach lies at the heart of my philosophy and I continue to expand my thought horizons day by day.  Until the country calls me home, I remain humbly assisting people to transform their lives. I am most grateful to the Chris Millar Foundation for supporting my journey.”