Dr Leila Masson – NEM Practitioner Series

In the NEM Practitioner Series Dr Shami, Integrative GP and ACNEM Vice President, speaks with medical and health specialists who are practicing nutritional and environmental medicine (NEM), to get their personal insights and learn how their approach is transforming lives. 

In this fascinating 15-minute interview, Dr Shami speaks with Paediatrician and Author Dr Leila Masson about the following topics:

  • Dr Leila’s journey intro nutrition and her experience in a remote village in Pakistan
  • What are the three common conditions you see as a paediatrician that can be treated with diet and nutrition?
  • How nutrient deficiencies can be linked with ADHD
  • How low vitamin D and low zinc levels can be connected with recurrent infections such as tonsillitis or croup
  • What do white spots on fingernails mean?
  • How a healthy gut microbiome is linked with children’s mental health, and the absorbing of nutrients
  • How willing are families to modify their diet and what sort of impact does it have on them?
  • Which additives have been shown through studies to potentially make children hyperactive, impulsive and irritable?
  • What is the additive in most hummuses to also look out for?
  • How long does it take for dairy and gluten to come out of the system?
  • How can a dairy and gluten free diet can sometimes help with children on the autism spectrum?
  • Leila’s own whole food and vegan diet regime


Dr Leila Masson, M.D., MPH, FRACP, FACNEM, DTMH 

Dr Leila Masson is a Sydney based specialist paediatrician and author of “Children’s Health A-Z” a parent’s guide to natural therapies for common childhood ailments.

She specialises in nutritional and environmental medicine for children’s health issues, including allergies, asthma, behavior problems, autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. She sees patients at her clinic in Tamarama and mentors doctors in integrative paediatrics.

She received her medical doctorate from the Free University of Berlin and did her paediatric specialist training at the University of California in San Francisco. She received her Master in Public Health from Harvard University and her Diploma in Tropical Medicine from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Dr Masson has worked in the US, Europe, New Zealand, and volunteered for 2 years setting up a rural clinic in Pakistan.


Join us for the upcoming Healthy Debate: Carnivores VS Vegans where you can watch Dr Leila Masson pitch her argument on why she opts for a vegan diet. Come along to join in the fun, deepen your knowledge on nutrition and most importantly, see who wins this controversial debate!