Dr Lucy Burns – NEM Practitioner Series

In the NEM Practitioner Series Dr Shami, Integrative GP and ACNEM Vice President, speaks with medical and health specialists who are practicing nutritional and environmental medicine (NEM), to get their personal insights and learn how their approach is transforming lives. 

In this interview, Dr Shami speaks with Integrative GP and Weight-Loss Educator Dr Lucy Burns.

They cover the following in this 20 minute interview:

  • Dr Lucy’s journey into nutrition after ongoing struggles with weight and being diagnosed herself with obesity and fatty liver disease
  • Misconceptions around people who are overweight
  • Testing for fasting insulin and why it is important
  • Joseph Craft’s insulin curves and their connection with diabetes
  • Why people’s insulin can be high when they’re not eating junk food
  • The impact of negative self-talk – you can’t berate yourself well
  • Why emotional eating is so common
  • How talking with patients reinforces Dr Lucy’s own healthy habits


Dr Lucy Burns, MBBS FRACGP, Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Cert of clinical hypnosis

Dr Lucy Burns graduated from Medicine at Monash University in 1993 and completed general practice training in 1998. After watching the astronomical increase of obesity, diabetes and chronic disease, she changed her practice style and began to address the root cause of disease through lifestyle changes. She became a certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and a clinical hypnotherapist.

Dr Lucy runs a successful weight loss clinic in Melbourne and advises a low carb lifestyle and intermittent fasting. She along with her colleague Dr Mary Barson have formed Real Life Medicine. They run online programs that address both the physiological and psychological causes of overweight and obesity.


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