ACNEM Training - Sydney, 23-26 November 2017

Metabolic Conditions, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease

23-24 November, 2 days face-to-face 

These health conditions, known collectively as non-communicable diseases (NCDs), are responsible for nearly 70% of all deaths worldwide. In Australia, cardiovascular disease and diabetes remain two of the leading causes of death. The main risk factors for these conditions are related to poor dietary choices and lifestyle behaviours including physical inactivity and the harmful use of alcohol and tobacco.

This training will provide you with an understanding of the factors that influence and drive cardiovascular events from a nutritional and environmental medicine perspective and assist you to support your patients to make informed life choices for better health outcomes. Case studies and strategies will be presented by industry recognised experts and experienced medical practitioners. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the underlying principles of metabolic conditions including insulin resistance, diabetes and cardiovascular disease from a nutritional and environmental perspective
  • Learn about related investigative pathology and cardiometabolic risk markers
  • Explore the link between the gut microbiome and cardiovascular disease


Dr Robyn Cosford MBBS(HONS), FACNEM. Conjoint Lecturer University of Newcastle School of Biological Sciences Director, Northern Beaches Care Centre

Dr Ron Ehrlich B.D.S, FACNEM (Dent). Leading holistic health practitioner and holistic dentist; co-founder of the Sydney Holistic Dental Centre and Nourishing Australia

Dr Joanna Harnett PhD. Associate Lecturer in the Faculty of Pharmacy with a specialisation in Complementary Medicine at Sydney University

Tabitha McIntosh Author of ‘One Bite at a Time’. Qualified and experienced Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, educator and author, with over a decade of clinical experience

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Putting NEM into Practice 

25-26 November, 2 days face-to-face 

The workshops are based on real case studies and will cover a range of health conditions and approaches, including fatigue and gastrointestinal disorders. This year, we are introducing a session on the different approaches to detoxification. This training will help you develop specific case taking skills for NEM consultations, and learn about relevant nutritional assessments and diagnosis. The overall aim of this weekend is to provide health professionals with practical, clinical skills you can take back to your practice on Monday.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain insight on the practical application of nutritional and environmental principles from experienced clinicians
  • Experience learning in a small-group, practical workshop
  • Consider specialised functional pathology testing in urine, blood and stool to support diagnosis
  • Explore detailed case history taking, pathology testing and treatment options for many common patient presentations


Dr Kamal Karl MBBS, FACNEM, FRNZCGP. Integrative Medicine practitioner for over 20 years; director of the Wellness Centre in NZ specialising in treating chronic illness.

Dr Nadine Perlen MBBS, FRACGP, DRANZCOG. ACNEM Board member and practitioner with special interest in the impact of the gut microbiome on all aspects of health.

Dr Min Yeo MBBS, FRACGP, FACNEM, MMUS(Dist), FMUSA. General practitioner passionate about internal medicine and inspiring lifestyle changes.

Dr Christabelle Yeoh MBBS, MRCP, MSc (Nut), ACNEM President. Experienced GP passionate about the interconnectedness of human metabolism, biology and behaviour.

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Primary Modules in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine 

23-26 November, 4 days face to face + required activities 

The Primary Modules in NEM, designed for GPs, registrars and other graduate healthcare professional, are ACNEM’s foundational training in postgraduate Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. The modules will be delivered over 2 days face-to-face, plus the equivalent of 2 days online (4 months online access) to view the lectures and to complete the required learning activities.

These modules provide an introduction and overview of NEM within primary care. Each major biological system is explored covering the key nutritional, environmental and biochemical factors affecting health and disease. Through case studies, delegates will gain practical tools to aid integration into daily practice. The Primary Modules enable practitioners to begin practising NEM confidently and safely.

To enhance your education and reinforce what you have learned, completion of each module requires pre-disposing and reflective activities and an online quiz.

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Venue Details

UNSW Sydney, Kensington Campus, Colombo House, enter via Gate 4, High Street Kensington 

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided. Transport, accommodation and other meals are not included. Attendees are responsible for their own transport, accommodation and additional meal arrangements. 

Training Information 


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