ACNEM Training - Sunshine Coast, 3-4 March 2018

Neuroinflammatory Conditions 

3 - 4 March, 2 days face-to-face + required activities

Inflammation is implicated in the pathogenesis of a number of conditions that affect the central nervous system. You will learn about how certain endogenous molecules impact on the central nervous system and how these inflammatory complexes contribute to brain tissue injury and neurodegenerative disease.
This training event aims to provide insight into the role of nutritional and environmental medicine and its influence on the underlying physiological issues that contribute to neurodegeneration. Conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease, depression and chronic pain will be presented by industry experts. Come and hear the growing scientific evidence behind the treatment options, pathology testing, dietary interventions and environmental remediation techniques. Learn how to better manage these conditions and improve quality of life for patients.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the impact of inflammation on the central nervous system
  • Explain the detrimental influence of the built environment on the central nervous system
  • Identify the role of diet, nutrition and the environment on the management of chronic inflammatory conditions
  • Identify the role of diet and lifestyle in the prevention of neurodegenerative conditions
  • Communicate the importance of early intervention for neurological health
  • Formulate a systems-based approach to making evidence-informed nutritional therapeutic interventions for patients experiencing and deemed at risk of developing neurodegenerative disease

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Primary Modules in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine 

3 - 4 March, 2 days face-to-face + equivalent of 2 days online + required activities

The Primary Modules in NEM, designed for GPs, registrars and other graduate healthcare professional, are ACNEM’s foundational training in post graduate Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. The modules will be delivered over 2 days face-to-face, plus equivalent of 2 days online (4 months online access) to view the lectures and to complete the required learning activities.

These modules provide an introduction and overview of NEM within primary care. Each major biological system is explored covering the key nutritional, environmental and biochemical factors affecting health and disease. Through case studies delegates will gain practical tools to aid integration into daily practice. The Primary Modules enable practitioners to begin practising NEM confidently and safely.

To enhance your education and reinforce what you have learned, completion of each module requires pre-disposing and reflective activities and an online quiz.

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Venue Details

Novotel Twin Waters Resort Sunshine Coast
270 Ocean Dr, Twin Waters QLD 4564

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided. Transport, accommodation and other meals are not included. Attendees are responsible for their own transport, accommodation and additional meal arrangements. 


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