Learning Modules

The Primary Modules form ACNEM’s foundational training and offer an introduction to nutritional and environmental medicine. They are best suited for practitioners who have not had any formal or recent education in human nutrition, nutritional biochemistry or nutritional medicine.

Our courses are designed as post-graduate training for GPs and other healthcare professionals. It is not a requirement that you complete the Primary Modules first if you feel you have sufficient knowledge to commence on the specialised modules.

Current Modules available: 

Current Modules available:

Primary IMAGE_4

Primary Module 1 & 2

The Primary Modules 1 & 2 are the entry point for ACNEM’s training.  

Allergies IMAGE 80688539_l_2

Allergies, Autoimmunity and Dermatological Conditions

This module investigates the potential nutritional and environmental components

Cancer IMAGE 19524162_l_2


This module will explore the physiology of cancer cells and what drives cellular replication

Childrens Health IMAGE 41693178_l_1

Children’s Health

The Children's Health module was delivered face-to-face in March of 2016 in New Zealand.

Environmental Health IMAGE_1

Environmental Health

This module on environmental health provides participants with an overview 

Gastrointestinal IMAGE 82918515_l_1

Gastrointestinal Conditions

Our Gastrointestinal Conditions module was delivered as a face-to-face training in August of 2016.

Immune Conditions IMAGE 35958500_l_2

Immune Conditions

This training course will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to address the complex area of immune conditions.

Integrative Cancer Care IMAGE 45142619_l_3

Integrative Cancer Care

ACNEM’s revised ‘Cancer Care’ module critically explores the specialty area of integrative oncology.

Mental Health IMAGE 48661798_l_1

Mental Health

The mental health training module includes clinical applications and practical tips

Neuroinflammatory Conditions IMAGE 46272800_l_2

Neuroinflammatory Conditions

A comprehensive overview of evidence-based therapies for neuroinflammatory disorders


Putting NEM into Practice

The workshops are based on real case studies and will cover a range of health conditions and approaches

Thyroid Adelaide 2017 IMAGE_1

Thyroid and Adrenal Conditions

The video presentations in this training package were filmed during the face-to-face

Womens Health IMAGE 13624534_l_1

Women's Health

This module is a comprehensive guide to women’s health from a nutritional and environmental medicine perspective.