Environmental Health


Completion of the Environmental Health online module entitles you to RACGP Category 2 CPD points.



This module on environmental health provides participants with an overview of the principles and practice of this stream of practice. Training is delivered by experienced medical doctors and other building biology experts.

The learning outcomes for this training package are:

  • Understand the broad effects that environmental toxins have on human health and identify common conditions where environmental toxins are implicated
  • Identify environmental toxins and ways to limit exposure
  • Identify the causes of moisture intrusion, related health effects and ways to remediate these
  • Review medical aspects of heavy metal toxicity; lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, and their effects on human health
  • Describe electrical sensitivity and recognise related health conditions
  • Understand the concept of a sensitive patient; recognise food intolerance/allergy, chemical sensitivity, and inhalant allergy and their impact on overall sensitivity threshold
  • Formulate a systems-based approach for enhanced patient outcomes and safety

Video presentations in this training package include:

  • The impact on children
  • Environmental toxins and clinical detoxification resource
  • What's really in our food
  • Radiofrequency 'health based' standards and the smart meter controversy
  • Environmental illness
  • The mould patient
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • The adverse effects of environmental toxins on human health
  • Electrical hypersensitivity
  • The sensitive patient




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