Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics

This training module introduces participants to the concepts of 'transgenerational epigenetic inheritance' (epigenetics) and nutrigenomics; the science of nutrition that explores the potential of food to influence gene expression.
The learning outcomes for this training module are:

  1. Acquire an understanding of the basic terminology and scope of epigenetics, epigenomics, nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics
  2. Learn the role of DNA methylation and how this can affect chronic health conditions
  3. Recognise the genomic causes of disease and identify the role of nutrition in preventing genome pathology
  4. Create a systems-based approach to applying aspects of epigenetics in patient care

The video presentations in this training package include the following topics:

  • An introduction: genetics, genomics, epigenetics and epigenomics
  • Nutrigenomics of detoxification
  • Methylation and clinical applications
  • Myotonic dystrophy
  • Nutrigenomics, epigenetics and genome health clinics
  • Epigenetics: the fascinating gene story
  • Living and eating for our genes
  • Panel discussion

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