Primary Module 1 & Primary Module 2

The Primary Modules 1 & 2 are the entry point for ACNEM’s training.   

These two modules provide foundational knowledge of nutritional and environmental medicine; including nutritional biochemistry and how this relates to the physiology of health and disease.  These modules constitute approximately 30 contact hours and can be undertaken in a face-to-face setting or online. On completion, participants receive a Certificate of Completion.   

The Primary Modules, together with two specialised (elective) modules form the basis for the Certification Part 1.   

The topics covered in Primary Module 1 are:

  • Introduction to nutritional and environmental medicine (NEM)
  • Vitamin C and other antioxidants
  • Gastrointestinal conditions
  • Nutritional biochemistry
  • Allergy
  • Mental health
  • Metabolic conditions, diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • A low-stress diet model

The topics covered in Primary Module 2 are:

  • Children's health
  • Women's health
  • Cancer
  • Environmental medicine; heavy metals, electromagnetic fields and mould
  • Dysfunction of the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis
  • Epigenetics and nutrigenomics
  • Oral health
  • The safe integration of nutritional and environmental medicine (NEM) into practice 

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