Sports Medicine


Explore the impact of exercise on health. Our highly experienced presenters will bring their clinical experience and knowledge on the application of diet and nutrition for recreational athletes.

Do you see patients who want to maximise their sporting performance without compromising their health? 
ACNEM is excited to present a new module on Sports Medicine - this course is aimed at medical and allied health practitioners who have an interest in sports medicine. 

Our experienced presenters will cover the interplay between exercise, health and performance. Hear from health experts who specialise in exercise and gain some evidence-based strategies to aid your patients in maintaining health while increasing performance. This is a growing area in medicine which will set you apart from your peers.

Specialised content will cover:

  • The role of gut function and the relationship between intestinal barrier function and inflammation in the recreational and elite athlete
  • Baseline nutrition, diets and fuelling for sport
  • Specific sports nutrition assessment, investigation and case taking
  • Individual tailoring of diets and supplements 
  • Recognition of over-training syndrome, the impact of stress and cortisol




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