Industry Events


Nutrition in Healthcare Conference 2019

Melbourne, VIC | 15 - 17 February

Presented by Doctors For Nutrition.


Vitamin C Symposium 2019

Auckland, NZ | 15 - 16 February

Vitamin C for Infection and Cancer: from Bench to Bedside

Eagle Webinar 2019

Nutritional Psychiatry in Practice

Webinar | 20 Feb - 6 March

Presented by Dr Elizabeth Steels

Mediherb Metabolic Apr19

Metabolic Dys-Function

Various | 3 Mar - 6 Apr

New insights into Pathology Markers and Clinical Treatment of a Multifaceted Epidemic

BioMedica Seminar March 2019

NAFLD: A holistic approach to an increasing modern epidemic

Australia | 9 - 16 March

Seminar focusing on current research and the relevant holistic clinical approaches.

Mindd LOGO

Mindd International Forum 2019

Sydney, NSW | 23 - 24 March

Discover a new, leading-edge approach to the treatment of chronic disease.

AIMA Conf 2019

AIMA NZ Conference 2019

Auckland, NZ | 6 - 7 April

New Zealand’s preeminent event for the New Zealand integrative medicine community. 

Bio Balance Banner Artwork

Mastering Brain Chemistry

Melbourne, VIC | 6 - 10 April

Bio Balance Health Ltd presents a training program by the Walsh Research Institute

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7th BioCeuticals Research Symposium

Sydney, NSW | 3 - 5 May

Focus on managing mood disorders, cognitive impairment and neurological disturbances.