Evolving Landscapes of Nutrition in Medicine

Evolving Landscapes of Nutrition in Medicine

Melbourne VIC | 24-26 May 2019


Remaining true to our aims of nutrition education, ACNEM brings you independent, highly credible and up to date information on the most relevant topics of healthcare today. 

ACNEM will present a range of international and local speakers to address:

  • Chrono Nutrition – the interplay between the biological clock, hormonal function, time-restricted eating and intermittent fasting
  • Gut-Immune Disruption – research update on the mycobiome and auto-immunity
  • Metabolic Insights - multi dimensional aspects of metabolism and implications for patient management 
  • Personalised Nutrition – finding the solution for individualised management

Join us to gain valuable tools and insights to empower yourselves and your patients, and support them to make lifestyle and diet changes for better health outcomes.


Full program and speaker list are now available.

For further information visit conference.acnem.org



HEALTH FOR LIFE | Mastering the Integrated Approach

2018 ACNEM Conference presentations available on video - visit vimeo.com/ondemand/acnem2018conference and create a Vimeo account to access the presentations.