Evolving Landscapes of Nutritional Medicine

Evolving Landscapes of Nutritional Medicine

Melbourne VIC | 24-26 May 2019


Exploring new evidence-based concepts in the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic and hormonal disorders, auto-immune, gut health and adiposity driven diseases.

ACNEM will present a range of international and local speakers to address:

  • Chrono Nutrition – the interplay between the biological clock, hormonal function and timing of food
  • Which Diet? - weighing up food for individualised management
  • New evidence based concepts, diagnostic approaches and therapeutic advances in metabolism
  • Emerging science, nutritional mechanisms and applications for auto-immunity and gut-immune disorders

Most chronic diseases are influenced by the individual nutritional milieu and can be prevented, treated or reversed by diet and lifestyle.

Metabolic dysfunction not only plays a central role in cardiovascular, diabetes and weight but it has a fundamental impact on brain health and other common disorders such as PCOS, erectile dysfunction and prostate disease.

Today many patients are seeking answers and the doctors to guide them. They are demanding more information on how food interacts with their health and the need for a customised dietary approach.

Our conference presenters will cover current research on gut-immune and auto-immune mechanisms, metabolic biochemistry, hormones and a range of therapeutic diets including Ketogenic, Mediterranean, Low Carb, Paleo and FODMAPs. Our speakers will debate which dietary solutions can be used and customised to support different patient presentations to achieve metabolic changes for real effects on health.

Join us and gain valuable tools to guide and empower your patients through their lifestyle and diet changes for better health outcomes.

For further information and to register, visit conference.acnem.org


HEALTH FOR LIFE | Mastering the Integrated Approach

2018 ACNEM Conference presentations available on video - visit vimeo.com/ondemand/acnem2018conference and create a Vimeo account to access the presentations.