Singapore Lifestyle, Integrative Medicine & Sciences Conference

Singapore Lifestyle, Integrative Medicine & Sciences Conference

Singapore | 17-19 April 2020


SLiM Sciences presents its 2020 Conference Lifestyle Factors & Nutritional Strategies in Cancer.

Bringing together like minded medical and health professionals fostering cross fertilization of ideas. Elucidating the latest discoveries in fundamental sciences for a comprehensive understanding of nature and its impact on health and the practice of integrative medicine. A rich tapestry of experience and cutting edge sciences in a multidisciplinary forum. Delegates further their professional development in the art of medicine by interactively learning from leading scientific and clinical experts. 

Speakers are invited from the world's leading researchers and clinical experts in medicine and other sciences. These include the Nobel Laureate, Dr. Robin Warren, Prof. Gerald Pollack a leading authority on Water Science, Prof. Dean Radin in consciousness studies, Prof. Konstantin Korotkov for his electrophotonic imaging technology and Prof. Atsuo Yanagisawa an expert in chelation therapy and IV nutrients. The integrative medicine track is delivered by ACNEM educators including  Dr. Ron Ehrlich, Dr Nicole Nelson, Dr. Christabelle Yeoh,  Dr. Taufiq Binjemain and  Dr. Joachim Fluhrer.

The conference will explore three key themes:

  • Lifestyle, environmental and nutritional factors in chronic disease
  • The science of energy, consciousness, nutrition and integration
  • The future Integrative Medicine

Three days of informative and experiential learning will include:

  • Keynote addresses
  • Interactive plenary sessions 
  • Integrative Medicine workshops by ACNEM
  • Complementary medicine workshops (eg. Qigong with Grand Master Chunyi Lin, measuring biophotons with Prof. Korotkov and TCM approaches to health)
  • Philanthropists Dinner on Friday to introduce the transformative research initiatives supported by the Institute for Venture Science. 

Conference Program



Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
22 Orange Grove Rd,
Singapore 258350


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