MedEd 4 Everyone | BECOME A WELL WOMAN

MedEd 4 Everyone | BECOME A WELL WOMAN

Melbourne, VIC | 2 June 2018









In this program, ‘Become a Well Woman’, our presenters will provide a guide to women’s health, exploring the underlying factors that impact women specifically, from fatigue and hormone balance, to the mental load that women carry and how this impacts on sleep and mental health. The information presented at this event will appeal to women aged in their mid-30’s and beyond.  You will hear practical lifestyle and dietary recommendations and strategies that support long-term health and wellbeing.  Our health professionals will discuss targeted nutritional supplements, and explore the connection between diet, nutrition and health.  After each speaker, there will be time for questions from the audience.

Venue Details
AMREP Education Centre Lecture Theatre
The Alfred
89 Commercial Road, Melbourne 3004

$50 full price
$45 concession