"Could it be mould?" - a 'how-to' guide for clinicians

"Could it be mould?" - a 'how-to' guide for clinicians

30 November 2017


The impact of air quality on non-responsive health conditions. with Jeanette Williams

Indoor humidity levels play an important role in health. It is known that high humidity levels promote the growth of mould; a trigger for asthma and allergies. So how can we achieve and maintain ideal humidity levels?

As a clinician, how can you identify if a patient’s health problems are linked to indoor air quality or mould? This webinar will provide you with some practical tips to integrate relevant questioning into practice; enabling you to identify symptoms of mould sensitivity. It will help you discover what it is that's missing when patients are resistant to treatment, or when they are not getting the results from treatment they expected.

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Duration: 1 hour, including 15 minutes Q&A

Price: $50 ACNEM Members | $75 non-members