A hurdle requirement of completing ACNEM Level 1 Fellowship is completing 30 CPE points of NEM. What is the 30 points of CPE equivalent to?

CPE points make up of equivalent 2 points per hour in-person training or 1 point per online learning. Candidates must record and submit 30 points of CPE as a hurdle requirement. Varying activities can be counted as CPE include attending face-to-face training (equivalent 2 points per hour) or online learning (1 point per hour). This includes elective face to face training and online learning modules.

Other activities that count towards CPE include conferences, webinars, formal study pathways, authoring, mentoring and presenting at seminars/ webinars, including at ACNEM events. ACNEM requires all candidates to submit their completed CPE logbook via the Online Learning portal (not via email) for tracking purposes. Candidates have a maximum of three years to complete this hurdle requirement.