What is the acnem Fellowship?

The acnem Fellowship is a formal post graduate educational pathway providing practitioners with an understanding of the philosophical framework of Integrative Medicine and practical guidelines for its use in clinical practice. It is a well curated and comprehensive course for healthcare practitioners who wish to broaden their therapeutic approach in practice.

The Fellowship involves the completion of 5 core learning modules, 3 elective learning modules, 30 hours of NEM training, assessments & Viva Voce Exam. It is a comprehensive overview of Integrative Medicine and its practice.

The Fellowship Enrolment Fee is paid once and secures your enrolment into the Fellowship program.

The 5 core learning modules include:

  1. Foundations of NEM 1
  2. Foundations of NEM 2
  3. Gastrointestinal Health
  4. Environmental Health
  5. Mental Health


The 3 elective learning modules can be selected from the following:

• Cardiometabolic Health
• Child & Adolescent Health
• Cognitive Decline
• Exercise for Health and Performance
• Integrative Cancer Care
• Neuroinflammatory Conditions
• Optimising Immune Function with NEM
• Thyroid and Adrenal Conditions
• Women’s Health

30 hours of NEM training can be made up of acnem Masterclasses, Short Courses & Webinars. Prior training with outside organisations can be considered.

Assessments include 2 x 1500 word case studies/exploratory essays, 2 x online quiz & 100 logged clinical consultations.

The Viva Voce Exam comprises a one hour examination with two examiners, and is based on a case study. Upon completion of required learning modules, training, and the examination, the acnem Fellowship will be awarded.

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Who is the acnem Fellowship for?

The acnem Fellowship is a post graduate qualification for acnem Professional Members, suitable for medical doctors, pharmacists, dentists, chiropractors, TCM practitioners, naturopaths or any healthcare professional registered with an association, who holds a relevant Bachelor Degree in their field of expertise or a researcher in the field of nutritional and/or environmental medicine.

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Andrew Whitfield-Cook, well-known interviewer and podcast host, is joined by Integrative Doctor & acnem Fellow, Dr. Lily Tomas to discuss the Fellowship journey and the impact it has had on her practice.

Interested to Apply for Fellowship?

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your eligibility please reach out to us.

If you have confirmed your eligibility with the acnem team and would like to pay the enrolment fee to secure your application, you can register now.