International Affiliations

ACNEM’s partnership with BSEM

ACNEM have embraced a partnership with the British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM), a fellow professional body who have been making major contributions to the integration of nutritional and environmental principles into mainstream medicine in the UK, since 1983. BSEM continues to promote education, research and collaboration.

The aims of the BSEM are:

  • To provide support, safety and a networking platform for doctors and other professionals who use the principles of Ecological Medicine in their practice.
  • To promote education and research into the field of Ecological Medicine.
  • To raise public awareness for Ecological Medicine and educate the public.

Partnering with BSEM offers the wonderful opportunity for ACNEM to further its reach, and achieve our aims of growing a large, passionate, engaged and educated community of practising clinicians, as well as the wider public.

We are looking forward to this partnership continuing to strengthen evidence-based NEM practice among our members and health professionals around the world.