Mentoring of Integrative Paediatricians


Dr Leila Masson, one of the leading integrative consultant paediatricians in Australasia, who we are proud to have on the ACNEM faculty, is offering to mentor paediatricians who have done the ACNEM Foundation course, in functional paediatric medicine.

Dr Masson has 20 years experience in nutritional, environmental, lifestyle and functional medicine.

She has a busy practice in Sydney’s Tamarama. Her goal is to nurture a new generation of paediatricians who can address the underlying causes of today’s childhood epidemics: Allergies, Autoimmune disease, ADHD, ASD, anxiety, obesity and so on.

The paediatricians she supervises will be assigned patients from her waiting list; they will see the patients and discuss each case, physical findings, testing options, lab results, and treatment with Dr. Masson. They will receive useful patient handouts, sample treatment plans and will be guided in their reading and on line learning. The doctors will get a percentage of the patient fees, so they will have an income, and there will be no fee for the mentoring.

The doctors can see patients via telehealth, in Dr Masson’s clinic in Sydney in person, or at an office of their choice.  Dr Masson can mentor the doctors on site or over phone/zoom. So far two consultant paediatricians have been trained by Dr. Masson, and are now seeing as many patients as they wish (since there are several hundred patients on Dr. Masson’s waiting list).

Interested paediatricians need to have full registration, have attended the ACNEM Foundation course or equivalent, and have a keen interest in nutritional, environmental and functional medicine.

You can find out more about Dr Masson on her website:

Please send your application to