Nutritional Medicine: Not a soft approach to combatting COVID-19




As the world faces the current COVID-19 pandemic, those with compromised immune systems, including the elderly, are particularly at risk. Some simple, inexpensive measures could be put in place and reduce the associated morbidity and mortality.


Preparing for what comes next


Australia has just had a very rude and real awakening. But this environmental disaster and its fall out doesn’t come as a surprise. We were warned and ACNEM is focused on helping our medical practitioners prepare for what comes next.



Barriers to public access is fuelling a widespread lack of understanding of the role of medicinal cannabis



ACNEM calls into question recent publicity that contends that the evidence for the use of medicinal cannabis is “weak” and wants to see greater understanding of the clinical benefits of medicinal cannabis. 


Bushfires causing a rise in public health problems


Melbourne air quality this week has been categorised as ‘hazardous’ by the Environmental Protection Agency, and regarded as worst in the world. Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos AM, a practicing general practitioner and expert in Environmental Medicine, shares her experience of how the bushfires have been affecting her patients in practice, and provides some useful guidance on how to protect ourselves.

Urban Air Pollution and its Impacting Effects on Human Health


Air pollution currently contributes to over 3000 premature and preventable deaths per year in Australia.Associate Professor Vicki Kotsirilos AM will be speaking at this year’s Conference on Urban Air Pollution and its Impacting Effects on Human Health.