About the Conference

ACNEM’s 2021 conference is focused on Healthy Ageing, in recognition that 2020-2030 is the Decade of Healthy Ageing. ACNEM’s Four Pillars of Health (diet/nutrition, sleep, physical activity and environmental factors) provide the framework by which this conference will approach an exploration of healthy ageing, the health issues that can arise as we age, and importantly, what healthcare practitioners can do to help assist patients recover as well as age well. Featuring local and international experts from around the globe, ACNEM’s Healthy Ageing Conference will be delivered face-to-face in Melbourne as well as live-streamed, offering an inclusive experience whether registrants can attend in person or not.

The decade of 2020-2030 has been declared the Decade of Healthy Ageing (2020-2030), endorsed by the 73rd World Health Assembly. Populations around the world are ageing at a faster pace than in the past and already there are more than 1 billion people aged 60 years or older worldwide. The impact of this demographical transition will be felt in all aspects of society globally.

The World Health Organization defines healthy ageing as: ‘the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables wellbeing in older age. Functional ability is about having the capabilities that enable all people to be and do what they have reason to value’. The WHO recognises two dimensions of functional ability: the intrinsic capacity of the individual and relevant environmental characteristics, and the interaction between them.

Intrinsic Capacity

All mental and physical capacities that a person can draw on, including ability to think, walk, see, hear and remember. The intrinsic capacity of an individual is influenced by several factors including: disease, injuries and age-related changes.


Include: home, the built environment, relationships, community, social and health policies, and health services. Being able to live in an environment that supports and maintains the intrinsic capacity of individuals is a key to healthy ageing

ACNEM believes that there are Four Pillars of Health that contribute to wellbeing of all: good nutrition and diet; good sleep; adequate physical activity and environmental factors. In the ACNEM 2021 Healthy Ageing Conference, we explore what healthy ageing is, what factors contribute to it and conversely, what might hinder it, though the lens of the ACNEM Four Pillars of Health and the WHO’s dimensions of functional ability.

Conference Delivery Mode

The conference is planned as a face-to-face conference to be held in Melbourne, with live-streaming and recording for those who would like to join the event virtually. In the event that Australia is locked down again due to Covid, the conference delivery will switch to solely on-line. We thank our registrants for understanding the need for this contingency in the event of another pandemic. Note that all registrants will have access to the recordings of the conference for 3 months post-conference including all workshops.


Saturday 12th June 2021

Time Topic Presenter
9.00-9.15 am Opening

Masters of Ceremonies (MCs)
Senator the Hon. Richard Colbeck (Federal Minister for Aged Care)

Dr Mark Donohoe and Dr Shamistra Barathan
9.15-9.50am Interdisciplinary Approaches To Healthy Ageing Professor Lene Juel Rasmussen (Denmark)
9.50-10.30am The Ageing Microbiome Dr Jason Hawrelak (Australia)
10.30-11.00am Morning Tea
11.00-11.40am Nutritional Deficiency and Nutritional Needs As We Age Dr Tim Crowe (Australia)
11.40 -12.10pm Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease: the role of NEM in prevention Dr Dave Jenkins (New Zealand)
12.10-12.50pm Metabolic Changes with Ageing and Treatment Options Dr Ross Grant (Australia)
12.50-1.50pm Lunch
1.50-2.35pm Heart Rate Variability and Ageing Dr Rollin McCraty (US)
2.35-3.15pm Food Systems For Optimal Health In Later Life Professor Mark Wahlqvist AO (China)
3.15.-3.40pm Afternoon Tea
3.40-4.25pm Cancer: Recovering a Hijacked Metabolism Dr Dawn Lemanne (USA)
4.25-4.55pm Healthy Ageing: Living with Cancer Prof Mustafa Djamgoz (UK)
4.55pm Closing remarks of Day 1 Dr Mark Donohoe and Dr Shamistra Barathan
5.00pm Close


Saturday 19th June 2021

Time Topic Presenter
8.45am Welcome MCs: Dr Mark Donohoe and Dr Shamistra Barathan
8.55 -9.40am Hormone health and the aging brain Dr Felice Gersh (USA)
9.40-10.20am Physical Activity in the Ageing Community – Addressing Neuromuscular Changes For Healthy Longevity Professor Alan Hayes (Australia)
10.20-11.00am Sleep Needs & Disorders With Ageing Dr Reza Samvat (Australia)
11.00-11.30am Morning Tea
11.30 -12.10pm Epigenetic Changes With Age Professor Michael Fenech (Australia)
12.10-12.50pm Diet and Lifestyle Biohacking Dr Christabelle Yeoh (Australia)
12.50-1.30pm Psychological Aspects of Ageing Professor Sunil Bahr (Australia)
1.30-2.30pm Lunch
Workshop 1: Weight Management and Enhancing Ageing Metabolism

Workshop 2: Advances in Cancer Prevention, Screening and Treatment

1st Presentation:
Advances in Cancer Screening: The NIIM CTC & Pathogen Test

2nd Presentation: Rethinking oncogenesis
Dr Denise Furness (Australia)

Dr Taufiq Binjemain (Australia) With A/Prof. Karin Ried (Australia)

A/Prof Karin Ried

Dr Taufiq Binjemain
3.30-4.00pm Afternoon Tea
4.00 – 5.00pm
Workshop 1 (cont.): Weight management and enhancing ageing metabolism

Workshop 2 (cont): Advances in cancer prevention, screening and treatment

3rd Presentation:
Cancer prevention via nutritional & environmental medicine.

4th Presentation:
Healthy ageing with Kyolic aged garlic extract: Improve blood pressure, arterial stiffness and gut microbiota
Dr Denise Furness (Australia)

Dr Taufiq Binjemain (Australia) With A/Prof. Karin Ried (Australia)

Dr Taufiq Binjemain

A/Prof Karin Ried
5.00 – 5.30pm Conference Wrap-up and Final Remarks
5.00 pm Close