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The acnem Find a Practitioner listing puts members of the public in touch with medical and other healthcare practitioners in Australia and New Zealand who have completed (at a minimum) the acnem Foundation Modules of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (NEM), and who are current members of the College.*

How to use the Find a Practitioner search

To find your nearest practitioner, we recommend that you simply select ‘Country’ and then ‘State’ and press SUBMIT. This will bring up all available practitioners in that state, allowing you to view a broad range of practitioners.

I can’t locate a practitioner in my area – what can I do now?

If you require further support, please email acnem team to assist with navigation of the site.

* listing on FaPs is not an endorsement of a practitioner. All practitioners are acnem members and have completed the minimum of our education standards; all other information provided is provided by the Practitioner and is not vetted by acnem.

acnem is not able to make recommendations or provide any further information to support your search or engagement with a practitioner.

If you are seeking a qualified Health & Wellness Coach, search here at HCANZA Find a Coach.

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