The ACNEM Find a Practitioner listing puts members of the public in touch with medical doctors, dentists and other healthcare practitioners in Australia and New Zealand who have completed (at a minimum) the ACNEM Foundation Modules of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, and who are current members of the College.

ACNEM Practitioners listed on Find a Practitioner are either Professional or Associate members. Professional members are practicing and qualified GPs, dentists or specialists. Associate members are other allied registered health practitioners such as pharmacists, nurses or naturopaths.

How to use the Find a Practitioner search

To find your nearest practitioner, simply select one or more search parameters.
If you do not get any results, try searching just by Location/State. This will show you everyone in your state.

Check out this instructional video which demonstrates how to get the most out of your practitioner search.

I can’t locate a practitioner in my area – what can I do now?
We suggest you contact a practitioner who is closet to your location and ask if they can recommend someone within their networks who may be able to assist you with your specific health concern.
Note: Please note that the office staff at ACNEM are unable to make recommendations other than the practitioners who are on our Find a Practitioner list.

If you are seeking a qualified Health & Wellness Coach, search here at HCANZA Find a Coach.

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