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Cognitive Decline

Learning Modules

Cognitive Decline

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New Cognitive Decline content released 28 July 2022

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This online module explores the evidence-informed specialty area of cognitive health and the factors that influence it.

Our specialist presenters bring their clinical experience and knowledge on the application of specific diets, including ketogenic, Mediterranean and intermittent fasting and offer practical tips and tools in the integration of this into practice. It features presentations from highly experienced clinicians Dr Christabelle Yeoh, Dr Min Yeo and Dr Georgina Hale.

You will learn about the tools for assessing the level of cognitive decline and how to interpret relevant pathology tests. This training module includes expert discussion of case studies and offers a systematic approach.

The learning outcomes for this training package are to:

  • Discuss the contributing factors to the acceleration of cognitive decline, including environmental, metabolic and cellular factors.
  • List and explain methods for assessing cognitive decline, including functional pathology.
  • Explain the role of specific nutrients in the preservation of neurological health and the prevention of cognitive decline.
  • Describe the evidence-based lifestyle interventions that can assist in the prevention and treatment of cognitive decline.

Video presentations in this training package include:

  • Defining Cognitive Decline (CD)
  • The underlying medical factors of CD
  • Assessing the biomedical factors and pathology
  • Dietary Interventions for the prevention and treatment of cognitive decline
  • Cognitive assessment workshop
  • A systematic approach to treating cognitive decline
  • Customising your nutritional prescription – the biomedical approach
  • An integrative approach to cognitive decline – case study

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