Learning Modules

Foundations of NEM

Learning Modules

Foundations of NEM

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The acnem Foundations of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM) course is the entry-point for GPs and other healthcare professionals wanting to learn about Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.

Maintaining health through nutrition and lifestyle, including environmental influences is key to leading a life free from chronic illness.1

The course consists of two modules – Part 1 and Part 2 available to be completed online. Each module is equivalent to two days of training (i.e. four days in total).

On completion of both modules, the pre- and post-training activities and quiz, a Certificate of Completion is awarded. The course features presentations from highly experienced national and international clinicians.

Part 2 has recently been updated with the latest evidenced based research and released on 30 June 2022! 

About the course

  • Foundational training in clinical nutrition
  • An introduction to environmental medicine
  • Designed for GP’s, registrars, pharmacists, nurses and other graduate healthcare professionals
  • Content is delivered by experienced clinicians
  • Flexible on-demand online learning
  • Provides guidance for medical practitioners looking to integrate their NEM knowledge and skills into practice

Part 1 speakers include:

  • Dr Nicole Nelson
  • Dr Sandeep Gupta
  • Dr Michelle Woolhouse
  • Dr Jason Hawrelak
  • Rachel Arthur

Part 2 speakers include:

  • Dr Denise Furness
  • Dr Nicole Nelson
  • Dr Christabelle Yeoh
  • Rhiannon Hardingham
  • Dr Sanjeev Sharma
  • Dr Leila Masson
  • Shivaun Conn
  • Sharon Curtain
  • Dr Cristina Beer
  • Lisa Costa Bir
  • Dr Nindhi
  • Russell Jarrett



*access valid for 8 months. Extended time is available for purchase at a small fee

Part 1

  • Introduction to the gastrointestinal system and the microbiome, functional pathology, testing & case studies
  • Macronutrients & an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Functional clinical assessment
  • Comparing Dietary Approaches
  • Micronutrients
  • Mental Health: biochemical pathways, methylation & pyrroles
  • Cardiometabolic Conditions
  • NEM Practice; what you need to know –Medicare, PBS and prescribing, Q&A –practice models

Part 2

  • An introduction to Women’s Health
  • An introduction to Children’s Health
  • An introduction to Environmental Medicine
  • Lifestyle Medicine – stress, sleep, exercise
  • An introduction to Immune dysfunction; underactive (recurrent infection), overactive (allergy/inflammation)
  • Cognitive decline
  • An introduction to epigenetics
  • Drug-nutrient Interactions

Customer Reviews

Average rating

4 reviews
  1. Anonymous

    “It was a thoroughly enlightening and educational experience that far exceeded my expectations.”

  2. Anonymous

    “I found it very intriguing and it has opened access to a new window of opportunities to correct my patients’ symptoms. I feel there is so much hope I can give to my patients now.”

  3. Anonymous

    “Having completed study of these modules, I can honestly say my understanding of nutritional and environmental medicine has been significantly enhanced, particularly with regards to nutritional biochemistry and the critical role of macro and micronutrients (which I feel was never well taught during medical school) and the microbiome.”

  4. ACNEM

    “This was a fantastic course. Very relevant to clinical work and has given me lots of great resources to use.” Dr Susan Oldfield, Integrative GP (NZ)

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