How to Support Recovery and Wellbeing in PFAS exposure “The forever chemicals”


How to Support Recovery and Wellbeing in PFAS exposure “The forever chemicals”

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This webinar discusses the four pillars of health (nutrition/diet, physical activity, sleep, environmental factors) and their impact on reproductive and developmental toxicity, hepatotoxicity, carcinogenesis and disruption of immunological, metabolic and endocrine pathways.

It introduces predictive markers and assessment needs and provides nutritional and phytotherapeutic strategies to recover and restore health.

We are excited to have Dr Wendy McLean an environmental ground water quality expert and wellness researcher on the health, environmental persistence, bioaccumulation, and environmental toxicity.to discuss the following:

  • An overview of PFAS and their impact on health
  • How to make a clinical assessment of PFAS exposure
  • What the predictive markers are
  • And how nutrition, physical activity, sleep and environmental factors play a role in recovery after PFAS exposure

Dr Wendy McLean BHSc (Nat), BSc(Adv) (Earth & Env), PhD

Wendy is an educator, practising naturopathic clinician and hydrogeologist. In addition to completing her naturopathic studies, Wendy has completed a Bachelor of Advanced Science in Earth and Environmental Science (1st Class Honours) and a PhD in hydrogeology and hydrochemistry.

Wendy has nearly 20 years experience in environmental assessment and research and was awarded an Australian Research Council Fellowship and Linkage Grant in 2009. Wendy has presented environmental research at national and international conferences, published peer-reviewed research, participated on government expert advisory committees, and has lectured in environmental science and geology at university and for industry. Wendy’s experience working on contaminated sites led her to becoming passionate about Environmental Medicine and pursuing further studies in Naturopathy.

Duration: 45 minutes, includes 30 minutes of presentations with 15 minutes Q&A

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