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Integrative Cancer Care 2022

Learning Modules

Integrative Cancer Care 2022

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”Psychological interventions need to be individualised and will differ for each person” – Jane Fletcher

The World Health Organisation (WHO) forecasts a 47% increase in cancer cases by 20401 and the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre notes 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.

Only 5% of cancers are hereditary1 with the remainder preventable. Furthermore, 10 million people are living with a cancer for around 5 years before they even get diagnosed.3,4

Are you equipped to provide integrative intervention and health support?

Join leading NEM experts in this on-demand learning module (released 28 April 2022) to learn how to adopt a preventive approach to cancer care, and help reduce the long-term impact of cancer treatments on the environment and human health.

In this course you will learn:

  • Environmental and lifestyle factors in cancer prevention and management
  • How to conduct a personalised health assessment for cancer
  • How to interpret genetic screening and other investigations for cancer presentations
  • Protocol, prescribing, and cancer prevention
  • Diet, lifestyle, nutriceuticals and phytotherapeutic interventions
  • Clinical insights for improved clinical outcomes in microbiome changes in cancer, stress, oestrogen metabolism, breast cancer and metabolic disruptors, physiological distress, plus much more!

Also included: 

  • Downloadable PDF of presenter’s slides, clinical hand outs and support materials 
  • Evidence-based research summary including links to referenced research papers
  • Case study discussion and clinical gems

Don’t miss this important event. Get active and involved.

Be ready to develop sustainable health practices and reduce the incidence of cancer.

Did you know environmental changes are leading causes for the above alarming circumstances?

  • COVID-195,8,9
  • Long-term exposure to occupational and environmental carcinogens and medicines2,7
  • Exposure to extreme weather event particulate matter10
  • Evolution of drug resistance2,6,7


”A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.. it also changes outcomes. We are perfectly positioned to enact lifestyle medicine and/or facilitate a care team to do so” – Carla Wrenn

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Learning outcomes 

  1. Evaluate treatment strategies for cancer  
  2. Summarise evidence-based lifestyle interventions to assist in the management of symptoms associated with cancer 
  3. Design a comprehensive integrative management plan for cancer prevention and treatment 


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