Long COVID Symposium (Practitioner ONLY)


Long COVID Symposium (Practitioner ONLY)

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PRACTITIONER ONLY                     

acnem brought together some of the best expertise from around the world for this symposium to explore five separate areas relating to long COVID:

  1. Definition, Diagnosis and Risk Factors
  2. Mechanisms and Pathophysiology
  3. Prevention
  4. Treatment and Management
  5. Mental Health and Social Justice

With most medical and healthcare practitioners in the dark about how to prevent, diagnose and treat long COVID, our goal is to bring together and make available to all healthcare practitioners the information needed to assist in relieving the suffering caused by long COVID.

This symposium has over 7 hours of presentations across the spectrum of evidence and experience. The acnem panel at the end, address and distil the advice and evidence from each of the presenters and areas of focus, bringing the integrative medicine focus to the information.

‚ÄúAs the world faces ongoing debilitating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, our focus as medical practitioners is to help reduce the burden of disease and suffering by supporting those most at risk with compromised immune systems, multiple co-morbidities, and those suffering the long-term ongoing illness of long COVID following infection,‚ÄĚ Dr Mark Donohoe (acnem President) said.

‚ÄúVaccination remains an important first line of defence, but the scientific literature is proving that nutritional medicine intervention in conjunction with a balanced and healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, adequate and high quality sleep, along with exercise and mind-body practices like yoga and meditation, may help to reduce some of the debilitating symptoms, especially in long COVID, and enhance recovery,‚ÄĚ he said.

‚ÄúSupplementation includes nutritional compounds which support immune function, such as vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D, as well as those which support mitochondrial energy production, which has been shown to be impaired by viral infection, resulting in fatigue[xi].‚ÄĚ

We commit to building on the information contained in this symposium and the outcomes of the acnem hosted Post-Pandemic Health: Integrated Strategies to Tackle Symptoms of Long-COVID (Practitioner ONLY) – acnem

Presenters include:

  • Dr Leo Galland MD¬†– world-renowned New York Functional Medicine Clinician, USA – Treating long COVID using Functional Medicine
  • Dr Daniel Griffin PhD MD– Chief of Infectious Diseases, ProHealth New York, and Clinical Instructor of Medicine, Columbia University USA – Clinical factors predisposing to long COVID
  • Emeritus Professor Warren Tate – Department of biochemistry, University of Otago, New Zealand – Long COVID and ME/CFS¬† symptoms following COVID-19 vaccination
  • Dr Aristo Vojdani PhD¬†– CEO of Immunosciences USA – COVID-19, spike proteins and autoimmunity
  • Prof. Luis Vitetta¬†–¬†Director of Medical Research at Medlab Clinical and Professor with the University of Sydney –¬†The gut microbiome as a factor in long COVID – therapeutic implications
  • Anne Wilson¬†– CEO EMERGE Australia – The social injustices of persistent post-viral ME/CFS – lessons for long COVID
  • Dr Michelle Tavoletti¬†– EMERGE Australia – New research opportunities
  • Dr Christabelle Yeoh¬†– Australian Clinician, NextPractice – Integrative and nutritional approaches to treating persistent post-viral illnesses
  • Dr Ian Dettman¬†PhD¬†– Founder & Managing Director AIMN (Australasian Institute for Medical Nutrition) – Long COVID an Integrative Medical Overview & Injectable Nutrients
  • Professor Kylie O’Brien –¬†Chief Scientific Officer, Releaf Group Ltd – Could medicinal cannabis be useful in an integrative approach to long COVID?
  • Dr Philip Blair¬†– Chief Medical Officer, International College of Cannabinoid Medicine – Could medicinal cannabis be useful in an integrative approach to long COVID?
  • Ashok Gupta –¬†Internationally renowned Speaker, Filmmaker & Health Practitioner – Neuroplasticity brain retraining to treat long COVID
  • Robyn Chuter –¬†Naturopath, Counsellor and ASLM-certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner – Herbal and naturopathic approaches to the management of long COVID
  • Fiona Bales¬†– senior yoga teacher, yoga therapist and mindfulness meditation teacher – Yoga therapy and mind-body approaches to management of long COVID
  • Dr Bruce Patterson – former Stanford researcher – Post vaccine long COVID and mechanisms of long COVID
  • Dr Penny Caldicott –¬†President of the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association – Integrative medicine approaches to prevention and management of long COVID
  • Dr Pierre Kory – President and Chief Medical Officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance – The FLCC approach to prevention, diagnosis and treatment
  • Dr David Tuller¬†– Senior fellow in public health and journalism at UC Berkeley‚Äôs Center for Global Public Health – Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Dr Rosalba Courtney¬†–¬†osteopath with over 45 years‚Äô experience as a practitioner, teacher, researcher and writer – Respiratory approaches to rehabilitation and autonomic conditioning in long COVID
  • A/Prof. Philip Britton¬†–¬†Staff Specialist Infectious Diseases Physician and Associate Professor –¬†Does vaccination reduce long COVID?

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