Most bang for your buck: Nutritional supplements in exercise and sports


Most bang for your buck: Nutritional supplements in exercise and sports

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We’d like to invite you to our upcoming webinar Most bang for your buck: Nutritional supplements in exercise and sport webinar with Mikki Williden, next Tuesday 24 November. These monthly webinars are FREE for ACNEM Members.

There are so many different sports nutrition products available, it is easy to spend significant amounts of money on supplements that end up gathering dust in the back of your kitchen cupboard. In this webinar, Mikki Williden PhD will outline the top supplements that are worth investing in to help optimise performance and recovery that complement your nutrient-dense diet, and when to use them.

She will discuss the use of protein powders, carbohydrate gels and recovery supplements that have a proven evidence base in endurance and strength-related sports, in addition to specific indicators that might highlight the need for further supplementation to ensure nutrient requirements are met.

There will be opportunity for Q&A at the end of the session.

All people registered for the webinar will receive access to the recording following the live event.

Mikki is a PhD trained Registered Nutritionist and a Senior Lecturer at Unitec Institute of Technology. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, and a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. She attained her Masters in Science (Human Nutrition) with First Class Honours in 2003, focusing on the development of a childhood obesity prevention programme.

She has been privately consulting with clients since 2006 and has worked with a vast number of people with different health and performance goals. In 2011 she completed her doctorate studies in health and productivity in the New Zealand workforce. She ran an online nutrition coaching programme and is super passionate about health, longevity, nutrition, and activity. She is very active on social media (particularly Instagram and Facebook), sharing tips and tricks to help people live their best lives.

Mikki also co-hosts a weekly endurance sports podcast called ‘Fitter Radio’ and Mikkipedia, where she has conversations with experts in health and nutrition, and shares practical strategies to help people meet their health goals. She has worked with some notable New Zealanders, helping them achieve their nutrition-related goals, including Nigel Latta (on ‘The Sugar’ episode), Simon Gault (on the documentary series ‘Why are we Fat?’), and athletes such as Hamish Bond.

Tuesday 24 November, 6pm AEDT
Duration: 45 minutes, includes 30 minutes of presentation with 15 minutes Q&A
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