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Oral Health – A Guide For Practitioners and Patients

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Oral Health – A Guide For Practitioners and Patients

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acnem’s Oral Health online short course provides comprehensive knowledge for healthcare practitioners on oral health and its relationship to our overall general health, including how problems in the oral cavity are linked to a host of chronic and systemic diseases/disorders.

Featuring leading national and international oral health experts, this course delivers the most up-to-date, expert clinical knowledge and guidelines on oral health. It explores the associations between disorders of the oral cavity, chronic illness, environmental factors, nutrition, the oral and gut microbiome, and a range of health problems including sleep disturbances, headaches, gastrointestinal disturbances, adolescent neurodevelopment disabilities and emotional/behavioural symptoms. It also provides clinicians with information on cutting edge diagnostic technology and importantly, guidance on what can be done to improve their patients’ oral and overall health.

The criticality of oral health in our overall wellbeing will not be in any doubt after watching these presentations. This online course is a must for all healthcare practitioners.

The learning outcomes for this short course are to:

  • Discuss the complexity of oral health issues and the potential impacts on whole-body-health.
  • Identify the clinical and radiographic tools for accurately screening oral health available to health practitioners.
  • Outline the scope of oral infections and inflammation in the oral cavity and the potential impact of common dental treatments and materials have on general health.
  • Discuss the relevance of nutrition and function on craniofacial development, narrow jaws, crowded teeth and narrow upper airway.

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  • Physiologic Practice: The Next Paradigm | Dr Howard Hinden USA
  • The Oral Health Link to Common Medical Presentations | Dr David Cowhig
  • A Comprehensive Oral Exam | Dr Ron Erhlich
  • Seeing the Unseen Before It’s Too Late: The Power of CBCT | Dr David Cowhig
  • Do You see What I See? Panoramic Dental Radiographs: Putting the mouth into the picture | Dr Antonia Scott
  • Oral Infections: Inflammation, Periodontal Disease & Systemic Health | Dr Ron Ehrlich
  • Chronic Infections, Tooth Decay (dental materials) & Root Canal Treatment | Dr Ron Ehrlich
  • Ten Reasons to Phase out Dental Amalgams NOW | Dr Lisa Matriste
  • Toxic Metals and Illness | Dr Damian Wojcik NZ
  • Respiratory Health: Sleep-Disordered Breathing | Dr Andrew Bachour
  • The ‘SMART” Way to Incorporate Airway into Your Practice | Dr Howard Hindin USA
  • The Role of Nutrition & Function in Craniofacial and Upper Airway Development | Dr Ron Ehrlich

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