Learning Modules

Thyroid and Adrenal Conditions

Learning Modules

Thyroid and Adrenal Conditions

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Presentations focus on current, evidence-based information, discussing nutritional and environmental medicine approaches to address commonly seen thyroid and adrenal conditions.

Our specialist practitioners offer strategies and new investigation techniques that will assist health practitioners to further understand the biochemical and physiological processes behind the symptoms of clinical and subclinical thyroid and adrenal conditions. Discussion includes availability and validity of testing, clinical signs and symptoms, and specific nutrient and dietary recommendations to assist with the development of comprehensive treatment protocols.

Join leading nutritional and environmental medicine experts to discuss:

  • how to confidently interpret relevant blood tests and other investigations
  • clear protocol and prescribing explanations
  • clinical insights for improved clinical outcomes

Expert panellists include: Dr Amy Gajjar, Dr Michelle Woolhouse, Rachel Arthur, Cecily Chun, Natalie Douglas, Dr Kamal Karl, Lisa Costa-Bir, Dr Denise Furness and Dr Nicole Nelson.

Learning outcomes for this module:

  • Argue the impact of the four pillars of health (nutrition/diet, physical activity, sleep, environmental factors) on thyroid and adrenal health
  • Conduct a thyroid and adrenal nutritional and environmental risk assessment and implement clinical strategies for health and disease management
  • Formulate management and prevention strategies for a range of thyroid and adrenal diseases
  • Communicate effectively to a patient the factors influencing thyroid and adrenal health and self-care strategies
  • Evaluate the evidence-base of various thyroid and adrenal health strategies and their influence on disease management and prevention

*access valid for 4 months. Extended time is available for purchase at a small fee

  • Overview of Thyroid Health
  • Overview of Adrenal Health
  • Thyroid Investigations
  • Dietary Options to Heal the Thyroid
  • Prescribing for Thyroid Health
  • Case study – Thyroid
  • Adrenal Investigation
  • Prescribing for Adrenal Health
  • Genetics Associated with Thyroid/Adrenal
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine
  • Toxin Overload & Detoxification
  • Case study – Thyroid
  • Managing Trauma – EMDR, LENS, CBT
  • Case studies – Adrenals
  • Q&A – panel of speakers

Extras Sessions 

  • Practical Session – Breathing
  • Practical Session – Meditation
  • Practical Session – Yoga

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2 reviews
  1. ACNEM

    “Brilliant! Just went back to my own selenium levels done a few months ago – after Rachel’s lecture. I realised I’m deficient. Time to get onto some brazil nuts!” Dr Malini Bose, GP

  2. ACNEM

    This event was excellent… well organized, informative and interesting!
    Presenters were very knowledgeable and provided good references.
    Really enjoyed the yoga and meditation during the breaks too! – Anonymous

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