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Women’s Health

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Women’s Health

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Released November 2022 and includes the live streamed event recording & the online learning module!

Women’s health disorders are increasing at a rapid rate due to gene-environment interactions, changes in microbiome, socio-economic and climate change factors creating significant health risk throughout the lifespan.

Health needs of women change throughout their lifespan. Investing in women’s health is investing in the health of current and future generations.1

According to the National Health Survey: 3

  • 75% of the Australian population diagnosed with multiple sclerosis are women 2
  • 26% of women reported one chronic disease
  • 23% reported two or more conditions (multimorbidity)
  • 83% of Australian women reported chronic disease when aged over 65 years
  • 43% reported chronic disease during their reproductive years (<45 years)

Expanding clinical knowledge is a must for practitioners wishing to excel in the management of women’s health.

Join leading NEM experts in this live streamed event recording and online learning module and learn how to adopt a preventive approach to reducing the long-term impact of complex health disorders across successive generations 4


Get first-hand clinical experience and knowledge on the hidden drivers of complex women’s health disorders including diet, nutrition, genetics, environmental factors, and the human microbiome.

Become an industry expert on:

  • How to conduct a complex women’s health risk assessment
  • How to interpret pathology testing and investigations
  • Protocol and prescribing explanations
  • Clinical insights for improved clinical outcomes

Also included:

  • Downloadable PDF of presenter’s slides, clinical handouts, and support materials
  • Evidence-based research summary including links to referenced research papers
  • Case study discussion and clinical gems from leading women’s health experts

Learning outcomes:

  1. Evaluate treatment strategies for women’s health conditions in reproductive years
  2. Evaluate treatment strategies for complex women’s health conditions
  3. Summarise evidence-based lifestyle interventions that can assist in the management of symptoms associated with complex women’s health conditions
  4. Design a comprehensive management plan using diet, nutrition, lifestyle and endocrine regulation

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“I was very impressed with the Women’s Health F2F speakers, quality of the presentations, Q&A discussions etc. This is another great Women’s Health Module. There are some amazing people doing great work in the NEM space. I was also impressed by the seamless IT setup”– Dr. Jim Parker

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  • Leah Hechtman
  • Dr. Jim Parker
  • Rhiannon Hardingham
  • Dr. Denise Furness
  • Tabitha McIntosh
  • Dr. Lara Briden
  • Dawn Whitten
  • Dr. Mikki Williden
  • Moira Bradfield
  • Dr. Oscar Serrallach
  • Sandra Villella
  • Natalie Douglas
  • Dr. Clare Pyers
  • Shan Morrison
  • Dr Peta Wright and Elysia Humphries
  • Dr. Indra Barathan and Nicole Brule-Walker

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