Prof Charlie Teo – NEM Practitioner Series

In the NEM Practitioner Series Dr Shami, Integrative GP and ACNEM Vice President, speaks with medical and health specialists who are practicing nutritional and environmental medicine (NEM), to get their personal insights and learn how their approach is transforming lives. 

In this 17-minute interview Dr Shami speaks with Neurosurgeon and Brain Cancer Specialist, Professor Charlie Teo AM, about his holistic approach. They discuss:

  • Prof Teo’s journey into nutritional and environmental medicine as a neurosurgeon after experiencing a LAD lesion and pre-diabetes
  • His decision to go vegan and how that has impacted him
  • How he practices holistically as a neurosurgeon
  • What sort of diet and lifestyle measures he recommends for people with brain cancer
  • How antioxidants, omega 3, free radical scavengers are good for humans, but also good for cancer cells
  • Cingulum Health medical and wellness for clinic for brain health


Professor Charlie Teo AM, Neurosurgeon and Brain Cancer Specialist

For over 30 years Prof Charlie Teo AM has been instrumental in the development, dissemination and acceptance of the concept of keyhole minimally invasive techniques in neurosurgery.

Prof Teo runs a fellowship program that attracts over 600 applicants yearly and has trained many of the world’s leading figures in neurosurgery. He trains at distinguished centres such as the Barrow Neurological Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, Stanford University, Vanderbilt University and Harvard University.

He has been published in over 120 peer reviewed journals, has authored two books on keyhole approaches to brain tumours and featured as a guest editor for several journals. He is the Australian representative on the Tumour Section of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) and CNS.

Prof Teo strongly believes that a surgeon’s responsibility to his patients shouldn’t end after surgery. In keeping with his desire to find cures for recurrent brain tumours; he has raised over $20 million that has been used to fund research scientists both in Australia and Internationally. He has done this through the Cure for Life Foundation, the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation (Charity of the Year 2016) and currently through the Charlie Teo Foundation.


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