There are a number of excellent resources to support your learning in the field of nutritional and environmental medicine.  Please see our recommended reading list.  

  • 'Herbs and Natural Supplements; 4th edition' - Lesley Braun and Professor Marc Cohen
  • ‘Integrative Medicine; 4th edition' (2018)  -  Dr David Rakel
  • ‘Textbook of Integrative Clinical Nutrition’ (2013) - Dr Jonathon Prousky
  • 'General Practice; The Integrative Approach' - Dr Kerryn Phelps & Craig Hassed
  • 'A Guide to Evidence-Based Integrative and Complementary Medicine' - Dr Vicki Kotsirilos, Dr Luis Vitetta & Professor Avni Sali
  • ‘Nutrition and Diet Therapy; 9th edition' (2015) - Linda Kelly DeBruyne, Kathryn Pinna & Eleanor Noss Whitney
  • ‘Healthy Home Healthy Family; 3rd edition' (due late 2017) - Nicole Bijlsma
  • ‘Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism; 7th edition' (2017) Sareen S. Gropper, Jack L. Smith & Timothy P. Carr
  • ​‘Understanding Nutrition; 3rd edition' (2017) - Eleanor Whitney, Sharon Rolfes, Dr Tim Crowe, Professor David Cameron-Smith & Adam Walsh