Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who runs ACNEM?

ACNEM is an incorporated association owned by its members. It is run by a Board of Directors that is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

Who can be a Member?

Ordinary membership is open to registered medical doctors and dentists. Associate membership is open to other government-registered health professionals. Students studying towards a qualification, which on completion would be eligible for Ordinary or Associate membership, can join free of charge until graduation. 

How is ACNEM Funded?

The College receives income from its membership fees and its training programs, both face-to-face and online. Exhibitors pay to promote products and services at our training events, on our website and in our online learning platform. A small amount of money is donated.

Can I make a donation to support the work of the College?

Yes, ACNEM welcomes donations, as it has no external funding.

Does ACNEM Receive Government Funding?

No, ACNEM receives no funding from the Federal Government or from any State Government, nor from any government instrumentality or other organisation.

Are ACNEM courses open to everyone?

The ACNEM Primary modules are designed for medical doctors who form the bulk of enrollees. Other health professionals also attend our courses and undertake our training. Other ACNEM learning modules are designed for those who have completed the Primary modules, however there is no restriction on medical doctors and other health professionals completing learning modules, either face-to-face or online, independently.  Anyone wanting to participate should apply, as applications are considered individually. 

What are the benefits of the ACNEM training to non-doctors?

The ACNEM Primary modules and other learning modules cover the principles and application of nutritional and environmental medicine, including clear and concise information on nutritional requirements in various disease states, as well as much nutritional physiology invaluable in all therapies.

Can I train with ACNEM to become a nutritionist or dietician?

ACNEM offers postgraduate courses only. We suggest that if you haven't studied nutrition before and you are not a registered health professional already, you enroll in a tertiary course in nutrition or naturopathy and then do the ACNEM postgraduate training to learn more about nutritional medicine.

What is the scientific basis for ACNEM's training?

All of the College's training is soundly based on available evidence from the scientific medical literature, as well as on the clinical experience of the lecturers and the Faculty members.

Why don't all doctors practice Nutritional Medicine?

It is unfortunate that most medical schools devote very little time to teaching the relationship between nutrition and health, despite the overwhelming evidence of the importance of nutrition in maintaining health and fighting disease. ACNEM’s mission is to establish Nutritional and Environmental Medicine as central to medical practice.

What diseases and conditions can be treated using Nutritional & Environmental Medicine?

Almost all diseases and disease states have a nutritional component and are therefore amenable in part at least to this approach.

What modalities are practised by ACNEM doctors?

The College trains doctors in the use of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine. However, many of our doctors are trained in a range of other modalities, taught by other colleges; e.g. acupuncture, herbal medicine, etc.

What remedies are used by ACNEM doctors?

ACNEM doctors use a large range of remedies, suited to the patient and the symptoms they are treating.

Where can I find doctors trained by ACNEM?

ACNEM operates a referral service through which patients and practitioners can obtain details of appropriate doctors trained by the College.

Can anyone advertise in the ACNEM Journal?

The ACNEM Journal is distributed electronically.  There is no display advertising within the Journal but classified advertising is accepted for placement at the end of the formal Journal pages. Please contact the ACNEM office for the latest advertising rates schedule.

What is ACNEM's relationship with supplement companies and other industry?

ACNEM has a policy of maintaining an "arm's length" relationship with commercial organisations. It invites companies to exhibit at ACNEM educational functions. Apart from this, it has no connection with industry.

Does ACNEM endorse or recommend products or services?

No. As part of its "arm's length" policy and in order to maintain its independence, the College does not give any endorsements of products or services. Companies exhibiting at ACNEM functions are not endorsed by the College.


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