General Practitioner

Integrative General Practitioner Position Available  
Come and be part of our growing team in our Integrative and Metabolic Medical Practice. You can work 1-5 days a week in our centrally located Brisbane rooms and you won’t be required to work on weekends.  Experience a warm, friendly working environment with a team approach to patient care.   
We recognise the critical role the practitioner-patient relationship plays in a patient’s overall healthcare experience as we consider the many interrelated physical and nonphysical factors that affect health, wellness and disease. 
Our focus is on improving body functioning by using scientific methods of Clinical Nutrition, based on molecular biology, supported by published medical studies, to combine natural medicine and nutrition with conventional medical science, in order to analyse and correct the causes of these imbalances. 
If you would like to join the team please contact Des at or call us on 3832 2888. 
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