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Dr Varghese Zachariah


Dr Varghese Zachariah, also known in the community as ‘Zac, is the Principal doctor and director of the Upwey Doctors Family Medical Centre. It was his love for the hills and its community that led him to establish, in 2009, what is now the largest medical practice in the area.

Well acquainted with the health care model in Australia, his initial years were spent working across all facets of medicine in hospitals ranging from Maroondah to Monash which were then followed by senior doctor roles in various emergency departments of hospitals across NSW. He has also done work with the Australian Defence Forces.

His passion is to work with the human body to try and see how function can be restored by supporting the various systems of the body using lifestyle, diet and nutrition, supplements and botanicals. He leans more towards non-drug approaches and is currently in the process of ‘de-prescribing’, unlearning habits formed over the years from prescribing and its related adverse outcomes. But he does not shy away from using medicines, if required.