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Dr Nimrod Sheinman

B.Sc. N.D

Nimrod Sheinman B.Sc., N.D. is one of Israel’s leading mind-body experts, and an international spokesperson advocating holistic and integrative education and mindfulness in education perspectives. He is the founder and director of Israel’s Centre for Mindfulness in Education (2013), co-founder of Israel’s Centre for Mind-Body Medicine (1998), and initiator and director of the International Soul of
Education Initiative. He is a member in the International Advisory Panel of
Sejahtera Leadership Initiative, a Malaysia-based organization supporting humanistic and wellbeing programs, locally and globally. Sheinman is known for his integration of mind-body science, imagery-based perspectives and mindfulness based principles within the context of ‘Whole-Person Care’. In the past 30-years he has taught seminars on Integrative Psychotherapy, Holistic Education, Imagery-based Therapy, Mindfulness in Clinical Practice and Mindfulness in Education in universities, hospitals, centers and international conferences in Israel, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.
Israel’s first Mindfulness in Schools project, which he initiated over 20 years ago with support from Israel’s Ministry of Education, has reached thousands of children, teachers and parents.
Sheinman former roles and positions include: director of the mind-body unit in Rabin Medical Center;
board member in Israel’s psycho-oncology association; founder and director of Israel Center for Mind-Body Medicine; executive director of Israel’s Center for Non-Violent Communication (NVC, Marshal Rosenberg’s model); founder and president of Israel’s Naturopathic Association; academic dean of Naturopathic Education; academic advisor to Israel’s Center for Yoga Therapy; and a member on various government committees devoted to the regulation of natural medicine in Israel.
He is a graduate (1986) of the National University of Natural Medicine (Portland, Oregon, USA). He was a resident and faculty member (1986-1987) at Bastyr University of Natural Health Science (Seattle,
Washington, USA), and then a member in Bastyr’s International Advisory Council.
He is the author of Food for Thought (1989, in Hebrew), Imagery-based Therapy: A Workbook For Clinical Practice (1991, in Hebrew), and Jack’s Anchors (in the process of publication). He is co-editor of
Potentiating Health and the Crisis of the Immune System (Plenum Press, 1997).
Dr. Sheinman was once an Aeronautical Engineer, graduate of the Israel Institute of Technology (1973). He served as a project officer in the Israel Air-Force (1973-1978) and was a recipient of the 1976 Israel Air Force Award. He is a keen photographer and a recipient of Nikon’s photography award.
He lives in Israel and can be reached at