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Samantha Marks


Her practice is focussed on “Grey Area Drinkers” – those whose alcohol consumption falls in the zone between social and damaging – and who may be able to abstain for periods of time but are likely to be preoccupied with alcohol and find it difficult to drink in moderation.  

While alcohol is a socially acceptable substance, here in Australia it is the fifth highest risk factor contributing to the burden of disease.

Sam has spent many years diving into the research on what drives alcohol abuse and its impact on overall health and wellbeing. She is passionate about not only helping her clients but also supporting the wider practitioner community. 

Sam has developed an educational course for practitioners to help them better recognise where alcohol may be contributing to patients’ symptoms and how to support them through change, and this course will be released in October. 

She is looking forward to sharing her knowledge on the effect of alcohol on cognitive functioning (short and long term) with acnem members.